What wells happen: features of their design

What wells happen: features of their design

Effective work of wells in many respects depends on the project of design created according to the reference, economic, geological specifications and also on way of drilling and the used equipment. There is boring and water intaking development.


It has rather complex structure. Face, the mouth, wall, trunk and upsetting column – the main components of the well. This device is used for gas production and mountain oil, at construction of constructions (moorings, underground storages, bridges), research. When drilling it is necessary to isolate layers which contain fluids and to strengthen trunk. In this case use casing pipes (first column) of certain purpose. The reinforcing casing protects from the collapse of breeds near the mouth therefore all space in circle of column is filled with concrete or temping solution. Deep descent depends on the hardness of breeds and fluctuates in borders of 5-30 meters.

The conductor is considered the second upsetting column. He blocks unstable deposits, water-bearing layers. Falls by depth about 200-800 m. The intermediate column goes down if necessary for prevention of geological ruptures of layers. Them can be a little depending on depth of the well and complexity of hydraulic fracturings. The operational column is established by the last. Its assignment is to isolate productive layers. When designing column operational much attention is paid by durabilities and tightness.

Water wells

The period of service and also flow capacity depends on the design of water intake. Equipment for these wells the most elementary. They happen: filter (up to 30 m) and artesian (up to 200 m). The structure of system determines well depth. Artesian wells remind the telescopic antenna, in depth diameter decreases ledges. Choosing design it is necessary to consider hydrogeological feature of the area. The integrated operational columns of various length and diameter are part of water wells. Having obtained necessary information on the area, it is possible to choose specific design.

The reservoirs which are underground lie at various depths which are characterized by certain structure and water quality. Water wells have requirements:

  • The equipment has to provide that volume of liquid which is planned.
  • Walls have to be strong not to fall off.
  • Metal consumption of design of well – minimum and underground waters cannot flow.

Using the latest technologies in drilling and intake of water, it is possible to design design which will answer all standards and also will reduce accident rate.

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