What will sawdust be useful for?

What will sawdust be useful for?

Can seem that sawdust is just garbage. However they can be used in life, kitchen garden, creativity and even for health!

Kitchen garden

  • Add sawdust to compost heaps, powdering them with urea, lime and dolomite powder to accelerate process of decomposition of the vegetable remains.
  • Mulch sawdust the soil around plants for protection it from drying and from weeds.
  • The fresh horse manure mixed with sawdust is considered the best biological fuel for greenhouses.

Garden and flower bed

  • Bring sawdust under raspberry, and they will protect plants from bugs and slugs and if to fill sawdust in row-spacings of wild strawberry, then berries will not be soiled about the earth.
  • Sawdust - universal material for warming of flowers and bushes for the winter.
  • The tinted sawdust is used in landscaping for vykladyvaniye of drawings on the earth around trees, bushes and beds.
  • You store in sawdust in the winter of bulb and rhizome of flowers.
  • Couch potatoes in sawdust in the spring, grow up onions on feather.
  • Mix with sawdust before crops small seeds that then it was not necessary to thin out shoots.


  • For warming of country house use mix of sawdust with lime and glass crumb.
  • From mix of cement, sand, lime and sawdust (1:1:1:4) you receive easy, strong bricks with high zvuko- and heat-insulating properties.
  • From sawdust, cement, clay and old newspapers it is possible to prepare structure for plastering of rooms.


  • To remove lasa from furniture upholstery, scatter on it damp sawdust. In half an hour clean off them brush.
  • Greasy spots are brought to fabrics by the sawdust moistened with gasoline. But before test means on the small site of fabric as gasoline can decolour it.
  • Scatter wet sawdust on floor to remove smell of burning in kitchen. Wood will absorb it in itself.


  • Sawdust will be suitable as laying for pigs, goats, hens, sheep.
  • Alder sawdust - fine fuel for smoke-cured.
  • Strew sleet at porch with the sawdust mixed in half with ashes and it will not be slippery.

House plants

  • If flowers suffer from dryness of air, put them on tray and fill wet sawdust between pots.
  • In damp sawdust shanks perfectly take roots.

Beauty and health

  • That dim hair became voluminous and shining, after washing rinse them with the cooled green tea infusion and fresh sawdust (on 1 tsp on 1 liter of boiled water).
  • For return to skin of elasticity take dry baths from small cedar or fir sawdust. Heat them in metal ware, stirring slowly, up to 60 degrees. Then pour out half on oilcloth. Lay down on layer of sawdust and powder yourself with other half. Lie down so up to 20 minutes.
  • If joints have ached, fill in with boiled water pine sawdust, wring out them, turn in fabric and apply to the struck place. Pain will soon cease.

Care for pets

  • Use sawdust of trees of deciduous breeds as cat litter.
  • Fill sawdust on bottom of cages of rodents, birds, reptiles as natural laying.
  • If the pet descended on carpet, clean it in the normal way, and then strew with wet sawdust, having sprinkled them ammonia solution. Collect garbage by the vacuum cleaner, and there will be no smell left.


  • Do papier-mache of sawdust, mixing them with PVA glue, wallpaper glue, flour, salt and water.
  • Colored sawdust uses for creation of panel.
  • The sawdust painted in white or silvery color will serve as snow in floristic and decorative compositions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team