What works need to be carried out in garden in the spring

What works need to be carried out in garden in the spring

In garden it is accepted to start spring works with approach of the first warm days. That the garden by summer has turned into heavenly spot with magnificently blossoming greens, it is necessary to put a lot of effort.

Soil cultivation

Work in garden always begins in the spring with soil cultivation. For this purpose use various garden stock: mattocks, rake, "cats" and cultivators. After redigging properly loosen the earth. Water of loosening should not be too deep: at most 2-3 cm. Roots of plants grow better and develop in the friable soil as it is well supplied with oxygen. In the course of loosening also cut and destroy weeds. It is better to get rid of them at stage of shoots, than then to fight against high grass. If you carried out very deep redigging of the soil, so seeds of many weed plants remained in base layers of the earth. And from there they, as a rule, do not sprout.

Application of fertilizers

You bring in the soil only humus in the spring, and leave compost and manure for fall. Traditional norm of introduction of organic fertilizers: 1 bucket on square meter. Ways of application of fertilizers are various. Put them in grooves when redigging the earth or strew evenly on surface, and then dig over the soil. Instead of organic fertilizers it is possible to bring mineral. So, bring in the soil nitrogen during loosening in the spring. Especially it concerns that territory where beds and flower bed will be located. On one cubic meter 30-40 grams of nitrogen fertilizers are necessary.

Cutting of trees and bushes

In the spring trees and bushes and also climbers and roses can be cut off. Remove patients, the dried-up branches and those which are unsuccessfully located. Try to carry out the forming cutting prior to the beginning of May or a bit later. Anyway it is necessary to hurry that it was not necessary to cut off tree with already dismissed leaflets. Exempt coniferous plants from shelters only at the beginning of May when the soil thaws. During loosening carry out fertilizing by the medicine "HUNDRED PART" Coniferous" (50−60 g/m2) or other complex fertilizer. After redigging carry out mulching of pristvolny circles of trees and other perennial plants, mainly bushes. As mulch use sawdust or raw compost.

Care for lawn

After descent of snow trace that on lawn there were no pools. Surely carry out aeration of the soil by means of the special cutting aerators or normal garden pitchfork. So, you improve access of oxygen to roots, absorption by the soil of water and nutrients. On the rehumidified sites carry out drainage works. Surely remove last year's foliage from lawn, combing lawn rake.

Processing from wreckers

When on trees kidneys just about are dismissed, carry out processing from wreckers. Use one of such chemical medicines as copper vitriol, the Bordeaux liquid, emulsion of "Abiga-Pik", colloid sulfur, Neoron. You dissolve copper vitriol in the ratio: 100 grams on 10 liters of water. It is possible to use biological products. They do not contain chemistry. The combined means are popular. They are applied against several types of wreckers at once. Perform the procedure of processing in the morning or in the evening when sunshine are not too active.

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