When and how to dig out dahlias in the fall

When and how to dig out dahlias in the fall

Dahlias have taken the place of honor on beds at amateur flower growers long ago. They possess various coloring and amazing beauty that fixes inquisitive glances of people around. Dahlias at the end of summer or early autumn blossom. After that there comes the most important stage in cultivation of these flowers: excavation korneklubny dahlia for the winter. Not all know when and as it is correct to do it.

It is necessary to dig out dahlias at the beginning or the middle of October. This term depends first of all on weather patterns. Night frosts promote ripening of tubers. It is necessary to dig out dahlias after the top soil freezes slightly. It is necessary to approach this process with all responsibility because the safety of tubers during the winter period depends on it.

In the fall after blossoming the dahlias are hilled. Before excavation this earth needs to be dug out. Then cut off part of stalk lower than the level of earthing up. During cutting of stalk be careful. Very often this process leads to defeat of tuber different diseases. That to avoid it, scrape out knife juicy fabrics around root neck and over it. After that wood fabrics very quickly dry and become covered by firm protective layer. By shovel around do groove and accurately take out tubers. At the same time it is impossible to pull for stalk – roots can come off.

Having dug out tubers, they are carefully cleaned from the earth and slightly washed out under water jet. Further it is necessary to remove large kidneys near root neck. In storage time they can rot and by that to cause various fungal diseases.

After drying from water the tubers of dahlias place in the cool placement on 2-3 weeks. If to place them in premises, there they will evaporate large amount of moisture. Further it will lead to mummifying of tubers. Anew they will not revive any more.

Before the placement on storage the tubers process dahlia weak solution of potassium permanganate and delete all damaged sites to healthy fabrics. Over root neck water can accumulate. Pierce this place something sharp and merge it. Otherwise tubers can begin to rot.

It is necessary to store korneklubn dahlia in rooms with the air temperature of 4-5 degrees and relative humidity no more than 75%. The best place for this purpose is the underground storage or warm cellar. At the same time dahlia it is possible either to envelop tubers the newspaper, or to powder with sawdust or dry sand.

In such a way dahlias store up to awakening of kidneys.

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