When and how to plant strawberry on personal plot

When and how to plant strawberry on personal plot

Strawberry thanks to the useful properties and amazing taste is among the most favourite berry cultures for cultivation on personal plot. But not all know the most favorable time spans for its landing.

It is better for strawberry not to put in the spring. At this moment it spends many forces for survival to the new place and in the first year practically does not fructify.

Recently the climate has a little changed and even in October there are warm and sunny days. Therefore the most favorable time for landing of strawberry is the middle of August – the beginning of September. After a while after the end of fructification the leaves on bushes become rough and quickly recover after landing. At this moment the constant and abundant watering for normal growth is not required, and two or three times after landing will be to water plants enough. At this moment it is possible to plant any bushes of strawberry, even with bad root system. Already later landing will not allow plants to take roots well before winter and will cause some yield loss the next year.

There is one more period of favorable landing of strawberry. After the end of blossoming and formation of all berries it is possible to replace the fructifying bush to the new place. For this purpose bushes dig out together with lump of the earth and do not shake off it. Accurately move to the new place where landing poles are already prepared. Around the planted bushes the soil is strewed with peat or humus. At this moment berries need a lot of moisture and abundant watering it is necessary to carry out daily. On the new place the withering of some stalks can be observed, but in couple of days everything will change. Such landing of strawberry cannot be carried out in large volumes as she demands big care, attentiveness and certain experience.

Before landing of strawberry it is necessary to choose the place in the fall. She loves the dissipating sunlight therefore she should be put under crowns. Carrots, beet, onions, fennel have to be the previous cultures growing on this place. On the place of cucumbers and potatoes it is better not to grow up strawberry as they have some insects wreckers.

Before landing the roots prishchipyvat a little – it will accelerate process of survival of strawberry. It is also necessary to cut the old dried leaves and to remove mustache.

Then mark bed on personal plot. It is the most convenient to plant strawberry ranks with distance to 30 cm between them. Bushes among put at distance 15 cm from each other. And between beds leave interval to 50 cm. On bed there should not be more than three rows of strawberry – it will allow to make the most correct care for plants.

Further dig out holes along of the same kind and place in them on one bush of strawberry. It is important that the point of growth was level with ground level, otherwise the plant can die. The earth around bushes is condensed and it is abundant water. On it landing process of strawberry is finished, and it is possible to pass to competent care for the plants.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team