When and how to put narcissuses in the fall

When and how to put narcissuses in the fall

One of the most beautiful long-term flowers on our personal plot are narcissuses. They are least whimsical, in comparison with tulips and lilies, to growth conditions. The homeland of narcissuses are the southern countries of Europe – Spain and Portugal. But now these flowers perfectly grow also in northern areas, and the total number of grades contains over 800 types.

Narcissuses will perfectly decorate any garden site or bed. They belong to group early of the blossoming plants and blossom at the end of May – the beginning of June. This period depends on terms of landing and high-quality leaving. Usually time of blossoming of narcissuses reaches 15-20 days, then they are showered and wither.

Narcissuses need fertile soils in which organic fertilizers are introduced. These flowers are hygrophilous, and prefer the sour soil. The best place for landing are open solar spaces or half-shade, with easy soils.

Narcissuses put on one place on 3-4 years, and then dig out and replace. If to leave them for longer term, then they expand, become shallow and are infected with diseases.

To the open ground of bulb of narcissuses land in the first half of September. The term of disembarkation depends on weather conditions. The soil before landing needs to be fertilized. For this purpose compost or humus will be ideal. Manure in pure form cannot be brought. In it there can be the most dangerous wrecker for these flowers – onions zhurchalka. It is also possible to increase fertility of the soil by means of wood ashes.

Depth of landing of narcissuses can fluctuate from 10 to 15 centimeters. Everything depends on the soil: if it sandy or sandy, then put on the maximum depth and if heavier, then no more than 10 cm. Narcissuses put ranks with distance between bulbs among 6-10 cm, and between ranks about 20 cm.

Before landing of bulb sort and the smallest do not use absolutely because for few years the big bulb will not grow from them, and they will not begin to blossom.

After landing bed with narcissuses it is abundant water. If on the street there is warm weather, then watering is continued to the first frosts. Before winter the bed needs to be covered with peat or straw. In the spring this protective layer will need to be removed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team