When it is better to plant wild strawberry

When it is better to plant wild strawberry

The midland of Russia allows to plant garden wild strawberry in two time – in the spring, at the beginning of May, and on joint of fall with summer, in August-September. The problem of spring landing consists in complexity to find good seedling whereas in August there is good choice of planting stock.

In autumn landing there are also minuses – plants will winter insufficiently developed and can freeze. But also in the spring, and it is recommended to plant wild strawberry in cloudy and even rainy weather in the fall. Better in the evening that plants could acclimatize in night. If the first week after landing is dry, then it is desirable to practice daily waterings at this time.

The soil needs to be prepared in advance: for spring landing in the fall, and for autumn - at the end of June. On the site it is necessary to introduce organic and mineral fertilizers. On 1 sq.m of bed 5-6 kg of manure, 15-20 g of chloride potassium, 20-25 g of superphosphate and as much ammonium nitrate are required. After application of fertilizers the soil needs to be dug over shovel on one bayonet.

When choosing the site it is necessary to pay attention to its illumination. The wild strawberry perfectly fructifies on solar sites with the friable, well ventilated soil. When landing wild strawberry it is important to watch growth point, or heart. It has to be at the level of the surface of the soil. If too to bury it, then it rots and if to leave completely on surface – will dry up. When landing it is necessary to straighten carefully roots of sockets and to powder them with the damp earth then it is abundant to water. Then small to zamulchirovat the surface of the soil peat, humus or sawdust. Even better as the mulching material to use black polyethylene film or roofing material. For this purpose the site prepared for landing of wild strawberry needs to be humidified and closed film which edges to fix by the soil or in a different way. After that in places of planting of plants it is necessary to make crosswise cuts 8-10 cm long, and to bend their edges inside. Then in openings holes of such size in which it is easy to lay seedling roots become. The wild strawberry planted in the spring yields harvest the next year. Autumn landings fructify through season. And there are adherents of the theory according to which it is necessary to plant wild strawberry from July 25 to August 20. They consider that in this case plants till winter manage to create full-fledged root system and will yield full-fledged harvest already next summer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team