When to dig out ekhinatsea root

When to dig out ekhinatsea root

Ekhinatsey is not only beautiful plant, but also medicinal. It is long since appreciated by summer residents the curative properties, this miracle flower is used as prevention of many diseases.


1. All parts of ekhinatsea are suitable for treatment and prevention of diseases, but the plant can be used in the medical purposes only by the end of the second year after landing. The substances entering in ekhinatseyu differ in advantage for human body, only its root contain the following ingredients: inulin, glucose, essential oils, pitches, fenolkarbonovy acids, betaine and many others.

2. This flower is appreciated that at the use of its broth work of the immune system improves, the collected fatigue disappears, the organism gains ability to struggle with viruses and various bacteria, also ekhinatseya promotes prevention of oncological diseases.

3. Wiping with flower root infusion affected area of skin, it is necessary to notice amazing effect: the integument begins to regenerate quickly as infusion possesses good antimicrobial action.

4. That ekhinatse safely blossomed, pleased gardeners and brought benefit, it is desirable to land them in the middle or at the end of spring. And seeds have to go deeply to the earth, approximately on 5-10 cm. Therefore before landing it is recommended to couch them in some capacity, for example, in glass, and then to land to the soil.

5. After disembarkation it is necessary to water flowers periodically. It is necessary to dig out root of this plant in the fall when seeds, or ripen in the early spring before vegetation begins. After roots are dug out, they need to be washed out and cut on small parts, then to wash up repeatedly and to dry up properly. It is necessary to dry roots as without this procedure they can grow mouldy. Drying takes place at the following temperature: 40-60 °C. Roots dry until become firm and will not begin to break. It is impossible to assume at all that on rhizomes soft fabrics have remained.

6. Then, the dried-up roots should be placed in bank and to remove to the dark place. The received useful rhizomes of ekhinatsea can be stored and used within two years. From the prepared root collecting it is possible to prepare infusions, broths which will help you to cope with various illnesses.

7. Thus, it is very favorable and absolutely easy to grow up ekhinatse on the garden site. Owners of this fine plant can not just enjoy its beauty and charm, but also to use flower as the additional, very useful folk remedy which is helping out at many diseases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team