When to plant tulips by March 8 in house conditions

When to plant tulips by March 8 in house conditions

For March 8 any woman is always glad to receive flowers, especially, if it is live tulips which so smell in the spring. At the same time, tulips it is not obligatory to buy, grow up them it is possible independently in house conditions.

In cultivation of tulips there is nothing difficult, many have learned to grow up these beautiful flowers at themselves on windowsill for a long time. But to receive them by holiday on March 8, it is necessary to make some calculations.

Emergence of buds which reveal it is already final stage of cultivation. However, before it there is long process for which it is necessary to prepare long before approach on March 8. That the distillation has pleased, it is necessary to meet some conditions:

  • it is correct to choose grade which will approach on blossoming term;
  • to touch bulbs and to choose the healthiest and strong;
  • it is correct to store before landing;
  • to make landing in the necessary terms.

To receive long-awaited flowers in time, it is necessary to observe the correct temperature condition with growth. The soil has to have the same temperature, as at natural blossoming of tulips on the street.

If bulbs are prepared independently, then cultivation process very long. Until landing they need to be stored in the fridge, at the same time it is important to know that about 16 weeks the bulb will be based in soil, then will pass a weeks more three until peduncles appear. Having counted, it is easy to understand that to plant tulips from actually prepared bulbs of neobkhodim the beginning of October to receive bouquet by March 8.

Another situation is with the bought bulbs of tulips. Such bulbs are already cleaned from scales which slow down growth process, processed and picked correctly up. The bought bulbs plant in soil in the first of February: with 1 on 7 number. At such landing just by March 8 it will be possible to observe spring flowers at himself on windowsill.

After blossoming it is necessary to allow flowers to fade. Later to cut off zavyadshy peduncles and to allow to have a rest, watering pot for month. Then the bulb is taken and dried. In end it is necessary to take bulb about 50 days in the fridge, and after to land to the open ground.

So, it is possible to receive flowers not only for March 8 at home, but also for long years at himself at the dacha or kitchen garden.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team