When to remove cabbage on storage

When to remove cabbage on storage

Cabbage – the vegetable containing huge amount of useful substances. Perhaps, there is no such family at which at least occasionally at table there were no cabbage dishes. For this reason many owners of ""six hundred parts"" have on several beds with this wonderful vegetable, look after harvest and surely make its cleaning in strictly certain terms.

If you wish that your harvest of cabbage was stored long time, then you need to choose the term of collecting this culture correctly. The fact is that if to collect cabbage too late, the most part of heads of cabbage in storage time will crack and if early - that it quickly withers and will become unsuitable for its use in food.

So, first of all you need to pay attention to exterior of cabbage: the lower leaves have to turn yellow, itself forks to reach the sizes, characteristic of specific grade, and to get due hardness. You should not reject from look and terms of maturing of certain grades of cabbage. For example, early ripening grades should be removed at the end of July - the beginning of August (these grades are not intended for long storage, however from these vegetables incredibly tasty salads turn out).

Mid-season grades of cabbage can be removed in September and if you are going to store harvest heads of cabbage (you will not make sour or salt vegetables), then do not allow their podmerzaniye at all. And if it nevertheless has occurred (in quite often autumn mornings it is possible to observe frosts), then cabbage needs to let day stand, and only in the late afternoon to cut off (provided that weather was dry).

Optimum term for cleaning of cabbage of late-ripening term - the middle end of October. Time of cut of heads of cabbage should be chosen from the purpose of further use of vegetables, for example, if you are going to make sour cabbage, then it is possible to cut off in the middle of the month and if to store, then it is better to make collecting at the end of October, and it is desirable not to cut off heads of cabbage, and to dig out together with root.

To data that cabbage was longer stored and was crispy, in the morning vegetables need to be watered, and to dig out in the evening. You should not be frightened if the harvest freezes slightly, cabbage of late-ripening grade not bad transfers frosts to - 5 degrees, however only provided that at heads of cabbage stumps are not cut off.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team