When to remove garlic from bed

When to remove garlic from bed

Garlic long since is famous for the curative properties for this reason in our latitudes it is grown up everywhere especially as plant absolutely unpretentious. There is winter and summer garlic, terms of cleaning of the first begin slightly earlier, than the second.

Cleaning of winter garlic

To understand whether it is necessary to start cleaning of winter garlic, first of all it is required to look at plant leaves: if the lower leaflets have turned yellow and have withered, then time has come. It is also necessary to look at the ends of garlic stalks: the burst bulbs boxes with seeds (gardeners call them bulbochka) also say that time of harvesting has come. In general, it is considered that winter garlic ripens hundred days later after landing therefore, having carried out simple calculations, it is possible to establish expected terms of cleaning.

It is necessary to remove winter garlic in dry weather, and it is more preferable in the morning. You podkopnit bulb slightly shovel, then accurately pull out it from the earth, having undertaken feathers. Lay it on the earth (or on special laying), then start excavation of the following bulb. After all harvest is dug out, cover bulbs with cotton fabric (it will prevent intensive evaporation of moisture and garlic in drying time will not burst) and if weather allows, then leave garlic for several days (from three to five days). After time move harvest in the dry well aired room, and month later you can start trimming of roots and false small stalks.

Cleaning of summer garlic

Terms of cleaning of summer garlic usually fall on the middle of August - the middle of September. The first signs of maturing: softening of neck of bulbs, termination of growth of feathers, mass yellowing of their tips, drowning of stalks. All these signs say that the root system of plants dies off, heads of garlic are created therefore wait for sunny day and start harvesting. The technology of cleaning and preparation for storage is similar above, however It should be noted that summer garlic demands to itself more care, than winter.

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