When watermelons in Krasnodar Krai ripen

When watermelons in Krasnodar Krai ripen

Who does not like to regale in the summer on juicy and fragrant watermelon which improbable taste is familiar since childhood? This large berry of family of pumpkin has been delivered in our latitudes from South Africa and now is grown up by many farmers. However the grades cultivated in Krasnodar Krai are considered as one of the most tasty watermelons.

Krasnodar watermelons: taste secret

The Krasnodar farmers grow up the most tasty watermelons thanks to the correct technology. Do to berries inoculation which strengthens growth of the grades and hybrids possessing insufficiently powerful development and also protects harvest from various root diseases and fusariosis. Nitric fertilizing is not required for the imparted watermelon in the course of ripening, and at good care in fruits the lowered content of nitrates and the increased content of sugars is noted.

The most valuable and tasty part of watermelon is its pulp which contains set of various vitamins and other microelements necessary for the person.

In the Krasnodar economy, modern methods of stock are used – so, Krasnodar farmers have for the first time applied F1 Emphasis stock. This method was very successful: plants on short and thick stalk became much more convenient for inoculation, have begun to grow at more powerful and now yield fruits which are 10-15% larger, than when using lagenariya as stock.

Besides, when landing the residents of Krasnodar land watermelons so that plants did not grow dense, and their leaves have been completely open for sunshine before the harvesting – it allows to cultivate large, beautiful and tasty berries.

Term of maturing of the Krasnodar watermelons

In Krasnodar Krai the watermelons growing in normal environment usually grow ripe at the beginning of August - if summer good, and did not add the chemicals accelerating growth of berries to harvest. However, there are superearly grades of watermelons which ripen before other versions and are ready for use at the end of June.

In comparison with vegetables and fruit, watermelon contains much more various useful substances.

Also there are Krasnodar grades of the mid-season watermelons which are growing ripe in July. However many fans of this berry claim that it is desirable to refrain from acquisition of early grades, having undergone to the middle of August. The fact is that such watermelons seldom are sweet and have no all completeness of taste of full-fledged ripe fruit. Thanks to purity of the Krasnodar watermelons from chemicals, they can be eaten quietly for the purpose of stimulation of exchange processes in liver, improvements of composition of bile, prevention of formation of stones in gall bladder, its channels and kidneys. In addition, the Krasnodar watermelons are extremely useful at cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis, problems with conclusion of bile and many other diseases.

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