Where to address if there is no water

Where to address if there is no water

Cutoffs of cold and hot water in multifamily houses happen not so seldom. If the management company or service provider (normally it is Vodokanal or "Thermal networks") conduct project repair works, they are obliged to warn residents. But there are also unexpected shutdowns. In similar cases of inhabitants usually interests why there is no water and when it appears.

It is required to you

  • - phonebook;
  • - computer with Internet connection.


1. In many settlements there are uniform emergency dispatching services. If that is available where you live, first of all it is necessary to call exactly there. This service collects applications from all residents or the settlement, and then transfers them to the management companies serving specific houses and also water - and to the heatsupplying enterprise. Anyway there will explain you the reason of shutdown and will specify expected completion dates of emergency works. It is desirable to ask name of the person who talks to you and if you submit the application – that and its number. It is the best of all to write phone of emergency service somewhere in a visible place, near house telephone, or to bring in mobile.

2. Unfortunately, management companies in many cities change quite often and sometimes just do not manage to come into contacts with such service. If cutoff of water became for you unpleasant surprise, but has happened in the afternoon, find phone of your management company. It is usually specified in receipts on payment of utilities. It is possible to find it and in the city phonebook, and on the website of the company – according to the Housing code, each management company is obliged to have the official site. Meanwhile the requirements of the legislation were fulfilled not by all firms providing utilities, but it is quite possible that exactly your company has such website. Perhaps, you will find not only phone, but also the notice there why have cut off water supply.

3. It is possible guide the necessary references and in the dispatching office of Vodokanal or the organization responsible for heat supply. The second option – for cases when have cut off only hot water. In the phonebook there has to be phone number of dispatching office. It makes sense to call by telephones specified in receipts payment of hot and cold water not always as, as a rule, it is numbers of the services which are engaged in payment charge.

4. In the small town it is possible to guide the necessary references at the person on duty on the city, in particular if shutdown happened at night. To this official all information including about the emergency emergency works is flown down. It, of course, cannot execute your application, but has to answer questions of the reasons and terms.

5. If there is no water several days, and so nobody has reported to residents about when presumably it is what measures are undertaken, call local government, department of management of housing and communal services. There it is possible to report also about the outstanding application, having specified its number and surname of the employee receiving your call.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team