Where to call if there is no electricity

Where to call if there is no electricity

Power outage becomes quite frequent phenomenon as in city, and rural conditions. In panic the people can forget where it is necessary to call in such cases because of what waste precious time and wait until the problem is solved by itself.


1. At cutoff of light only in your apartment or owner-occupied dwelling try to find out at first the reason of it as technical services in such cases provide the help not at once. Usually electricity is cut off when "beats out" traffic jams, for example, at burn-out of bulb or emergency switching off of any device. If you know where there is guard with light switches, it is possible to try to include electricity independently. However at the slightest doubt or availability of obvious malfunctions in wiring ask for the help experts at once.

2. If light is absent in all multifamily house, call the management company (MC) or the condominium (C), responsible for its service. Phone numbers are usually specified on the website of the company and on monthly receipts for payment of housing. If you have driven to the apartment recently, address neighbors and find the necessary information.

3. Quite often electricity is cut off in all quarter, the area or the settlement. Transfer of power supply to other feeding center when performing scheduled maintenance can be the cause of short-term shutdown. Also in certain cases the electric power is disconnected at scheduled repair of electric equipment or the power line for increase in reliability of power supply in your area. In this situation you can call dispatching service of the network organization of your area or city. You can learn phone of the organization on the Internet and also, having addressed to management company.

4. Try to gather short number 01 or 112 if it is impossible to phone in technical service. You will be answered by the dispatcher of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Describe situation and learn its reason. In case of an emergency in the city information on it is transferred to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and can tell you when electricity is given again.

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