Where to hang up the TV

Where to hang up the TV

Liquid crystal and plasma television panels are very convenient and allow to implement the mass of interesting options of installation. Such TV does not take a lot of place, it is simple to mount it on wall. Choosing the place for mounting of the panel, it is necessary to consider the device sizes, design of the room and usability.

It is required to you

  • - television receiver;
  • - brackets;
  • - dowels;
  • - fastening elements;
  • - drill;
  • - drill;
  • - screw-driver or screw driver.


1. Choose TV mounting mode. Some of two traditional ways can hang up it: it is simple to place on wall surface or to attach to the special portable bracket which is built in in ceiling or wall and often having rotary design. The first way allows to save space, the second does viewing more convenient if you want to have opportunity to watch programs from different points of the room.

2. Choose the specific place for installation of the TV taking into account convenience of its viewing. Most often the television panel is installed in the living room and/or in kitchen. In the first case of opportunities for free attaching of the device there is a lot of. And here the kitchen not always allows to carry out your design plans. Often it is necessary to choose the wall which is not occupied with kitchen lockers and household appliances for the TV.

3. Consider that air vents of the device have to be free that sufficient air circulation was provided. For this reason the close niches in walls and furniture are suitable for installation of the TV a little.

4. Mounting the panel on mobile bracket, make sure that during turn of the screen the supply lead and television cable will not stretch. Otherwise the TV can fail. Wire routing should be carried out after final installation of the TV.

5. Before installation of the TV on wall examine surface and estimate its quality. The thin wall from gypsum cardboard will not be suitable for mounting of the television panel, considerable on weight. It can just not sustain device weight. For fastening of the TV to main wall it is necessary to mark previously places for fastening elements and to establish there reliable dowels under fastening elements. It will be necessary only to hang accurately on fixture the panel.

6. Make panel frame in the form of decorative frame of tree or polyurethane. Such finishing will allow not only to disguise technical basis of the TV, but also will be able to give to the device more esthetic look, especially if it is about interior in retro style. The subject of framework can be strengthened, having placed the TV lamps or hours in the same frame on each side.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team