Where to put loudspeakers

Where to put loudspeakers

It is simple to put in the car the radio tape recorder and columns to regular places, but it is not always possible to achieve at standard installation of worthy sounding. There are also other places for installation of loudspeakers, for example, frontal, besides regular. Where to put loudspeakers.


1. In the majority of cars the regular places for loudspeakers are located in the doorway. The usual place, but it is impossible to call it correct. If to install coaxial loudspeakers, it can turn out so that the sound will go from where from below. At dynamics doors in general it is better not to establish.

2. It is possible to install loudspeakers in kikpanel – in respect of acoustics it will be option, much more successful, than previous. The remoteness from listeners will be maximum, and difference of distances to the left and right loudspeakers – minimum. At the expense of it it is possible to achieve deep and uniform stereopanorama. Besides, the sound scene can also be lifted if to deploy loudspeakers slightly aside and up from listeners.

3. This type of installation of loudspeakers is rather popular in the USA, but it has serious shortcoming – labor input of installation. Often at installation of loudspeakers in such a way it is necessary to resort to intervention in design of body or to manufacture the body, and then to select loudspeakers which will be able normally to work in strongly limited volumes. And even for the small body there is not always place.

4. Installation of loudspeakers on Torpedo (meter panel) with the direction on the listener – the third way of installation of elements of the automobile audio system. It was widely applied by production of domestic cars, such as VAZ-2107, 2109, as regular option. It is necessary to tell that this way, probably, even more unsuccessful, than the first (installation in door) as loudspeakers are too close located to each other, it is heard only the next loudspeaker, so, about any stereopanorama out of the question.

5. The last way of installation of frontal loudspeakers – variation on previous, but incomparably more successful. The fact is that if to install loudspeakers in upper part of the meter panel and to unroll so that the sound proceeding from them was reflected from windshield directly on listeners, it is possible to achieve rather uniform and deep stereopanorama and also to lift sound to the level of eyes. And it will make his perception much more comfortable.

6. Great way, but also here is one "but". We will hear not only sound which is reflected from windshield, but also the sound going from loudspeakers. Also it can turn out that sounding because of it summation will become or too dim and inexpressive, or, on the contrary – sharp. And the complexity of works is rather high. To install in the meter panel of dynamics of the big or average sizes, it needs to be remade considerably.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team