Whether it is necessary to bury seedling of tomatoes at disembarkation in beds

Whether it is necessary to bury seedling of tomatoes at disembarkation in beds

All gardeners use method of deepening of tomato seedling. And in most cases this reception is justified and brings benefit. But there are also bad points which should be known.

When deepening plants of tomatoes on the filled-up part of stalk additional roots which strengthen plants are formed and strengthen inflow of power supply to stalk. All who grow up tomatoes know about it. When planting of strongly extended seedling ""lying"" on beds, it is also useful to bury roots and to fill up part of stalk. In most cases deep landing of seedling brings benefit in the form of harvest increase. But growing up tomatoes in northern areas, even insignificant deepening, can turn back delay of fructification and yield loss.

Gardeners who cultivate tomatoes in areas with short summer where also weather often ""it is raining"" is not enough warm sunny days should remember that deepening of tomato seedling brings smaller prize. Plants when deepening stalk need time for fouling by new backs. Tomatoes stop the growth, and all forces leave on forming of roots.

On the other hand, deep landing in soil is fraught with cooling of roots as the earth in deep layers colder that also causes discomfort and the slowed-down growth of roots. As a result - fructification delay for one-two weeks. That is why, if there is desire to receive early tomatoes, seedling should be planted, having slightly buried. Of course, the harvest from such plants will not be powerful. The harvest will be early.

And what to do with the outgrowing seedling? Losses can be avoided if to increase additional roots in house conditions. The extended seedling of tomatoes dive in high container, and gradually, in stages, pour the soil to stalk, supporting her in the humidified state, allowing plants to increase new roots. Such plants having powerful ""legs"" will be strong and by all means will bring significant increase of harvest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team