Whether it is necessary to ret seeds of tomatoes

Whether it is necessary to ret seeds of tomatoes

The correct preseeding preparation of seeds of tomatoes allows to receive more amicable and strong seedling not subject to diseases. Soaking helps to carry out disinfecting of seeds and to increase productivity of tomatoes by 25-30%.

If you are going to sow unprepared seeds, then shoots can appear not at the same time. Seedling will be subject to diseases. Most often seedling without preseeding processing of seeds is subject to white, gray, root and stem decay, septorioz, white spottiness, fomoz and black leg. Everything in total leads to decrease in productivity, deterioration in shipping and consumer properties of fruits.

Preseeding soaking does not give 100% of guarantee that plants will not get sick, but reduces the probability of diseases by 50%. Very seldom seedling which is grown up from the processed seeds is subject to black leg, white spottiness and septorioz.

To carry out disinfecting of seeds, it is enough to place of them in weak solution of potassium permanganate for 30-40 minutes. Solution has to have slightly pink color. If he is divorced more saturated, it can do much harm viabilities of seeds of tomatoes. All full seeds when soaking will remain at the bottom, the emerged seeds need to be removed as they will not ascend. After potassium permanganate it is rational to process seeds in the baking soda killing microbes of fomoz and fungal infections which have quite often infected seeds. For mixing of mortar it is enough to part 1 tablespoon of soda in 1 liter of water, to carefully stir and place seeds in solution for 3 hours, then solution to merge, wash out seeds under flowing water, to place in the damp fabric moistened with weak solution of complex mineral fertilizers. For mixing of mortar it is necessary to part 1 tablespoon of liquid fertilizers in 1 liter of water. For the night it is possible to place seeds on the lower shelf of the fridge. Sow tomatoes on third day. The prepared seeds give shoots for 2-3 day. Growth of tomatoes will be accelerated. Seedling will grow stronger that will allow to receive abundant harvest.

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