Whether it is possible to grow up wild strawberry on the balcony

Whether it is possible to grow up wild strawberry on the balcony

Fans of kitchen garden with great success grow up some cultures directly on the balcony. Even at those who have no special experience in cultivation of plants, usually turn out not bad. For example, on the balcony it is possible to grow up quite good wild strawberry if it is correct to treat care for it.

Grades of wild strawberry with medium-sized berries and also hybrid grades are suitable for cultivation on the balcony. To begin to grow up seedling of wild strawberry it is necessary in January if you want to receive harvest same year, or in March if you need just seedling.

Also the arrangement of your balcony will be important. It is good when it on South side of the house or the sun lights its all second half of day. Correctly grown up wild strawberry on the balcony with good lighting brings harvest almost until the end of the year. Plants do not love wind, and it should be considered at placement of pots and boxes. That the wild strawberry blossomed all the time and regularly bore fruits, it should provide good fertilizing, the soil has to contain a lot of humus.

Both multilevel pots, and baskets, cachepot, balcony flower boxes and even geotextiles will be suitable for cultivation.

For jumping of seeds of wild strawberry on seedling prepare the earth. For this purpose connect the chernozem, sand and the turf equal parts, it is possible to buy the ready land in shop. It is necessary to choose such where peat does not contain – it quickly dries, and the lack of moisture is undesirable to wild strawberry. To couch seeds, it is possible to use plastic tanks from under salads, cakes. On bottom of capacity fill haydite layer, then the earth – 5 cm thick, then snow – 3 cm. Stamp everything then evenly scatter seeds on snow. Cover capacity and put to the cool place that did not rastaivat snow – it is possible even in the fridge, but not in the freezer. In such look leave seeds for couple of days then rearrange to warmer place where snow will gradually thaw. In week uncover, and over box pull food wrap to gain so-called "effect of the greenhouse". Put capacity to the warm dark place and you watch that the earth constantly was humidified.

When seeds arise, rearrange box on windowsill, but not on sunny side. For waterings it is possible to use rubber pear. It is possible to replace seedling in separate containers after emergence of the third real leaflet. For this purpose glasses from under yogurts will approach, but you should not use packages of juice – their internal coating contains substances, adverse for growth of plants. The soil where you will replace sprouts, well moisten. It is possible to get saplings by means of fork, try not to damage side roots at the same time. If you unintentionally tear off long white root on tip, it is not terrible.

After change the timely watering has to be provided to seedling. Preserve seedling against direct sunshine and if the sun will not be enough, it is possible to do dosvechivaniye by means of luminescent lamp.

Fertilizing can be done after on bushes the fifth leaflet appears. To make fertilizer so: fill 3-liter jar on third with pounded egg shell, add glass of ashes and fill in with water. In dark the place it is necessary to infuse mix about a week, then liquid to merge and part with otstoyanny water – part of solution, 3 parts of water. Fertilizer can be used also for window plants. Fertilizing should be done time in 14 days.

On balcony the grown-up bushes can be planted in June. The remontant wild strawberry begins to fructify at the end of July and continues to bring harvest to the cold weather. In pots the soil has to be fertile, well trained.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team