Whether it is possible to hang up mirrors opposite to outer door

Whether it is possible to hang up mirrors opposite to outer door

The mirror in interior is quite often used for visual increase in space. Also halls are not exception in this case. Especially as it is very convenient — before exit it is always possible to be looked in mirror, and respectively it will not be necessary to walk in footwear on other rooms. But at the same time many people doubt and whether it is possible to hang up mirror opposite to outer door as there is a number of bad signs and superstitions in this respect.

What tells the hair dryer-shuy

According to the doctrine the hair dryer-shuy to place mirror opposite to outer door it is absolutely inadmissible. It will lead to the fact that the vital energy will leave the house through this door. And as a result the dwelling risks to lose completely energy what, in turn, extremely to negatively affect all members of household. For example, owners of the house can feel causeless indisposition and fatigue, they will be constantly pursued by failures and quarrels in family will become regular. Financial difficulties and also infinite debts are not excluded.

It is possible to look at it and from ordinarier point of view — if the mirror hangs opposite to outer door, then the person can be frightened simply of own reflection in it when he comes back home (anything happens).

Council: if there is no opportunity to place mirror somewhere in other place, it is the best of all to hang up it in the hall a little at an angle so that the door had no direct reflection in it. Besides, it is possible to place mirror and on the opposite side from outer door, for example, opposite to cabinet.


There is huge number of signs and superstitions on why it is impossible to hang up mirror opposite to outer door. Here some of them: - attracts not forgiven friends or even enemies; - owners of the house are waited not only by moral, but also physical sufferings; - family members do not want to come back home; - the dwelling loses good energy and gets negative; - in the house constantly there will be scandals, and between family members the misunderstanding or even hatred will set in. Of course everyone decides to trust in these signs or not —. However, to superstitious people, it is worth listening to and to arrange mirror not in the hall, and in some other room.

In terms of design of the hall

As it was already told earlier, the mirror can be used in interior of halls for visual increase in space. But if after all there is no wish to place it opposite to outer door, it is possible to use easier way — to get door with mirror. Such option has no minuses, only pluses: - in the hall there will be mirror, but not opposite to outer door; - if the room small, then visually it becomes lighter and volume; - the interior of the hall will become original and attractive. And the most important is that the outer door with mirror will definitely not bring troubles and considerably will simplify life that who trusts in signs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team