Whether it is possible to plant cucumbers and pepper in one greenhouse?

Whether it is possible to plant cucumbers and pepper in one greenhouse?

Being going to grow up different garden cultures in one hotbed or the greenhouse, it is necessary to think over their compatibility in advance subsequently not to feel disappointment from in vain spent efforts.

What conditions prefer garden cultures

The main garden cultures which demand cultivation in hothouse conditions – tomatoes, pepper, cucumbers, eggplants, green cultures. Unfortunately, not all of them take out the neighbourhood with each other without damage for each other. The fact is that for good productivity each look needs to create the special microclimate which can be harmful to other plant.

Cucumbers need warm and humid climate, abundant watering warm otstoyanny water, spraying of air in the greenhouse from spray. Cucumbers do not demand frequent airing, for receiving good harvests it is possible to use the self-pollinated (partenokarpichesky) grades. Absolutely opposite requirements are imposed for cultivation of tomatoes and pepper. Tomatoes need moderate temperature condition, fertilizing by nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer. Tomatoes transfer high humidity in the greenhouse badly, they need to be aired often.

Proceeding from listed above, it is possible to draw conclusion – in one greenhouse to cucumbers, to pepper and tomatoes it will be uncomfortable. In the increased humidity the bushes of tomatoes and pepper risk to ache with phytophthora and fungal infections, and dry air is harmful to cucumbers – it will lead to falling off of ovaries and yield loss. Besides the phytoncides emitted by tomatoes negatively influence condition of cucumbers. The same problems will arise at cultivation in one greenhouse of cucumbers, pepper and eggplants. The fact is that they belong besides to family of nightshade family, as tomatoes therefore requirements have similar.

What can be made in this case

It is possible to combine cucumbers, tomatoes and pepper with green cultures: green onions, sheet salad, garden radish which land to the greenhouse in the early spring. In process of their collecting on vacant place it is possible to plant seedling of vegetable cultures – among themselves these cultures perfectly get on. If there is need to place several bushes of pepper and cucumbers in one greenhouse, it is possible to try to partition off internal space polyethylene film – provided that there is opportunity fully to air the greenhouse. However this way is all the same undesirable as plants will continue to influence the neighbors through the soil: the different humidity and various requirements to application of fertilizers can play dirty trick with the gardener. If the greenhouse on the site only one, it is possible to use for cultivation of cucumbers warm compost bed under the film shelter – in these conditions the chances of receiving good harvest considerably will increase. It is possible to make and other compromise – to the greenhouse to plant cucumbers, and in warm bed – pepper as for it these conditions will also be suitable. Having planted plants in different places, it is possible to hope for receiving the expected return from hard work, without risking to ruin plants the wrong leaving.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team