Whether it is possible to plant summer garlic at winter

Whether it is possible to plant summer garlic at winter

Summer call the garlic grades recommended for landing and cultivation in warm season. But it is quite possible to land these grades in soil in the fall. Correctly landed garlic grows larger, than when using classical spring landing.

The main problem in cultivation of summer garlic subwinter crops – in its low frost resistance, in comparison with winter grades. But if to use the shelter straw or other organic materials, attack because of podmerzaniye absolutely small.

Preparation of planting stock

As a rule, by the time of landing, summer garlic is recently picked, natural germination will begin not soon. To accelerate germination of garlic, it is placed for several days in the fridge, in vegetables compartment. Then separate into cloves, process fungicides and place in the package filled with damp sawdust. Temperature from 10 to 15 degrees is necessary for germination.

In one or two weeks the first sprouts appear. When sprout more than a half Zubkov, it is possible to begin to sit down.

Landing terms

Terms of landing depend on the region and the actual weather. Usually landings begin when soil temperature falls up to 5 degrees of heat. In the frozen earth it is undesirable to plant garlic. 

Preparation of beds

Soil is dug over, add organic or chemical fertilizers. Large lumps of the earth break, trying to obtain the greatest possible uniformity. Mark beds, using sapka or special devices for landing of garlic.

Some gardeners for landing of garlic use normal rake which with force presses into soil. Openings into which insert garlic gloves turn out. In this case it is not simple to regulate landing depth, in traditional grooves it is easier to make it.

The bed about 25 cm in depth is necessary for jumping of garlic. It is possible to make deeper, up to 35 cm. In this case the probability of podmerzaniye becomes less, but development of garlic will slow down, the time of harvesting will be postponed approximately for two weeks.

Protection against frost

The shelter is done in the fall not right after landing, and later when soil is chilled on 1 or 2 cm. Optimum height of pillow in the southern regions – 15 cm, in northern – to 30. As protection material it is possible to use practically any organic chemistry, for example:

  • Straw;
  • Mowed weeds;
  • Hay;
  • The fallen-down foliage;

It is necessary to use organic chemistry carefully as together with it it is possible to bring fungi, larvae of insects and causative agents of infectious diseases. For prevention material needs to be processed fungicides and insecticides. Weeds can sow kitchen garden the seeds, having complicated weeding for the next season. That it has not occurred, weeds need to be mown prior to blossoming.

If there is no opportunity to process ukryvny material, beds with garlic cover with polyethylene over which spread organic materials. In the spring the shelter is carefully removed, taken out from the site on the same oilcloth, trying not to spill out on soil.

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