Whether it is possible to pump independently freon in the fridge

Whether it is possible to pump independently freon in the fridge

The independent gas station of the fridge freon in house conditions is quite real. However holding similar procedure requires the special equipment and strict observance of technology.

Necessary equipment

First of all freon is required; the cylinder with electronic scales or the capacity in which the required amount of coolant is already gone is necessary. Pay attention to freon grade – it has to correspond to that that earlier was in the fridge. The second necessary element – the vacuum pump. Control over process of gas station means availability of the equipment in the form of two manometers (forcing and suction) with valves and the corresponding hoses, unions for connections. If the described equipment is available and you are sure of the forces, then it is possible to start the procedure.

Filling of the fridge with freon

At first it is necessary to block both valves of the equipment, then by means of the union to attach filling cylinder with coolant to hose of yellow color, and filling tube of the refrigeration compressor – to blue. Now it is necessary to check pressure for what solder the union to the highway with hose of red color and smoothly open blue valve of forcing. The system should be filled until pressure in 0.4-0.5 atmospheres is reached. Sometimes it does not manage to be made, then it is necessary to warm up filling capacity in the water heated to temperature no more than + 40C. It becomes to increase pressure and to provide further spillover of coolant.

When the necessary amount of freon has got to system, turn on the compressor (i.e. the fridge) and wait for it setting to operating mode. It is necessary to look attentively behind indications of manometers (pressure has to correspond stated above). At the same time watch oil level in the compressor (if it is possible) and the viewing window established on the highway. During normal filling in control window the continuous stream of coolant will be visible. Small air bubbles for a while appear only when opening temperature-controlled valve. If freon is filled a little, bubbles will go continuous stream. At such situation it is necessary to carry out refueling for what it is necessary to block shutoff valve and to open what is attached to cylinder. At the same time the compressor will inhaust coolant from the evaporator, sending it to liquid receiver. General operating time of the compressor about 10 minutes. At the final stage it is necessary to switch-off the compressor and to disconnect the hose attached to filling capacity. Then it is necessary to turn on the compressor again and to check pressure. If all are normal, then tubes with the soldered unions need to be pressed, further to disconnect hoses, and to solder tubes anew. It is obvious that filling of the fridge in house conditions without presence of the skilled master – business doubtful therefore it is more logical to invite nevertheless the expert or to bring the broken unit to workshop.

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