Whether it is possible to scrape parquet board

Whether it is possible to scrape parquet board

The rubbed, scratched parquet floors are usually scraped: remove varnish and thin external layer of wood, anew cover with varnish or wax. And floor begins to shine. But whether it is possible to perform such operation with the parquet board which has lost the original form?

Why scraping of parquet board can cause difficulties

Unlike parquet which bars are made of whole tree the classical parquet board represents laminate. At the same time the top, decorative layer (in most cases having thickness in 4-6 millimeters) is made of tree of strong or valuable breeds and pasted to the basis from birch, pine or other inexpensive material. It considerably reduces the price of parquet board — however limits possibilities of its restoration.

Not very long ago the masters specializing in restoration of floors often refused orders for scraping of parquet board — the risk was too high "to pass" decorative layer through, having irrevocably ruined covering. However the modern scraping equipment already allows to carry out this delicate work. For the most careful work orbital sanders with fine-grained abrasive are usually used, and work is conducted with the minimum pressing. At the same time restoration of parquet board is considered the business demanding special professionalism — and the cost of such services is usually higher, than when scraping average parquet.

Such sparing scraping in many cases allows to put the floor which has lost the exterior in order. However, if the parquet can be restored repeatedly, then the parquet board can "endure" no more than two-four scrapings (depending on the residual thickness of external layer of wood), at the same time the quantity of cycles will strongly depend on accuracy of earlier carried out works.

Scraping of parquet board: opportunities and restrictions

The procedure of restoration of parquet boards means removal of old varnish and the thinnest surface layer of wood, grinding and finishing flooring wearproof varnish or processing by special wax. It allows to get rid of the majority of the defects resulting from general "abrasion" of covering:

  • the grown dull or flaking varnish;
  • numerous surface scratches;
  • zatoptannost, permanent pollution;
  • uneven changes of color of covering.

At the same time, if, for example, on floor there were deep scratches left furniture legs — it will be possible to eliminate them hardly, risk to stsiklevat decorative layer will be too big.

What else it is necessary to take into account when scraping parquet board

The way which has laid parquet board can influence success of scraping of parquet. It can be pasted to the plywood basis — and in that case to scrape it much more simply and more safely, however it is almost impossible to make partial replacement of lamels — full dismantling of covering will be required. At beskleevy, "floating" way of laying the scraping becomes complicated — process is connected with vibrations, and boards at the same time can begin "to walk" that considerably increases risk of emergence of various defects of work.

Estimating expected effect of restoration of floor, it is necessary to take into consideration and by what way the board has been processed by production. If it is about board which has been tinted — color of covering after scraping can change. And if wood was exposed to brashirovaniye (the difficult way of processing allowing to accent the invoice of annual rings) — after scraping the parquet board will become much less effective.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team