Whether it is possible to stack laminate in the bathroom

Whether it is possible to stack laminate in the bathroom

Laminate — beautiful and practical material. But in the bathroom often there is increased humidity. Normal laminate in such conditions inflates and quickly becomes useless. Therefore the majority of options of this floor covering in the bathroom is not applicable. But there are exceptions. As to define them also what features of laying of laminate in the bathroom — in this article.



What waterproof laminate is made of

Producers offer waterproof laminate of two main types.

  • Laminate with basis from PVC. Vinyl is not afraid of water in principle, and the laminating covering initially vodostoyko. Therefore such laminate can be put safely not only in kitchen, but also in the bathroom.
  • Laminate on waterproof basis. The part of this multilayered covering which is the most suffering from moisture is the board from wood boards of high density of HDF. At normal covering it instantly inflates at high humidity. Special waterproof laminate is executed from special kind of plate which resists to water 5 times better. Bigger tightness also the lock of this material has. It can be distinguished by the form: special sealant is well visible.


How to define waterproof laminate

Waterproof options of floor covering are marked by special symbols at the end. It names of signature technologies therefore they can be different: Aqua+, Aqua, AquaStep, etc. has to be Besides, surely specified that laminate is intended for laying in the bathroom.


Features of laying of laminate in the bathroom

Under laminate in the bathroom in addition to usual substrate it is necessary to stack waterproofing layer not to allow water ingress on floor basis. Otherwise it can destroy the main floor. From under floor covering the minimum quantity of water which has filtered via the lock is evacuated in the same way — through seam between boards at evaporation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team