Whether it is possible to use interior paints in not heated rooms

Whether it is possible to use interior paints in not heated rooms

Today shops abound with various paints: oil, alkyd acrylic and for floor, for radiator, the increased wear resistance, interior and other. In the heated rooms of problems with paint usually does not arise, but happens that it is necessary to update not heated room (terrace, workshop etc.). In that case it is necessary to foreknow as paint in the conditions of the lowered temperature and the increased humidity will behave.

If to come into shop of goods for construction and repair, it is possible to see the ogormny choice of interior paints. As at the dacha there is a wish to be as it is possible closer to the nature, we will consider the most eco-friendly interior paints

  • water emulsion 
  • acrylic

Both that and others have many high qualities:

  • quickly dry
  • have no pungent smell
  • stsepltsya well with surface
  • can be used in rooms with the increased humidity
  • are not afraid of temperature drop
  • have good covering ability
  • perfectly are suitable for internal works.

Perhaps the safest paint from all existing today - water emulsion. It has no smell and completely dries in couple of hours. Aqueous emulsion ink is harmless to the person that is especially relevant if in the house there are small children. Huge plus of this paint is that it can give any shade from gentle, pastel tones to the bright, shouting colors. Paint can give color by means of special tinting pastes which are on sale in any hardware store. Tools after work with aqueous emulsion ink does not need special processing, it easily washes flowing water.

Acrylic paints are opaque and glossy, for radiators and doors, for kitchens and children's rooms. This paint is suitable for any surfaces: tree, concrete, metal, gypsum cardboard and others. Is suitable not only for internal works, but also for external, for example, when painting gazebos, swing, benches. It has good coupling with the painted surface and creates the strong plastic film protecting surface from influence of moisture, fungus and the teacher of temperatures. The structure of paint allows to hide minor defects of surface when coloring: small cracks, openings from nails and self-tapping screws As well as aqueous emulsion ink, acrylic quickly dries and has no pungent smell. Also it can give any shade depending on your taste. The surface painted by acrylic paint it is possible to wash with water without being afraid to damage colourful covering. 

Before work with any kind of paints, they need to be added well. If you want to paint surface not in white, and any other color, use color. According to the instruction on packing part color in paint. To check whether the turned-out color suits you, apply small amount of paint on piece of cardboard or paper and let's dry. If color has turned out more darkly than it is necessary, add white paint if is lighter-add color. Before painting it is necessary to ground surface for the best coupling with paint.

Thanks to wide range of colors to iprostota of use of interior paints any will be able to create interior of the dream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team