Whether it is useful to keep cacti in the house

Whether it is useful to keep cacti in the house

Choosing the next plant for the house or office, many give preference to cacti, it and is unsurprising, cactus — one of the few flowers which do not demand any special care. Especially cacti will suit those who have very busy operating schedule. There is opinion that the plant possessing thorns or prickles has powerful power. Whether so it actually, we will try to understand.

According to professional flower growers and florists, long and powerful needles at cactus demonstrates that the plant has powerful negative power, such flower can negatively influence the people having problems with communication, having various nervous diseases and phobias. It is better for similar people to refuse acquisition of such plant. However, if the person is self-assured, strong in spirit, fearless, then the power of cactus will only enhance these positive lines and qualities.

Usually cactus have near workplace – where powerful energy circulates to protect itself from negative emotions in the course of work. Thanks to ability of cacti to reduce radiation impact, flower often have near the computer or other office equipment.

With cacti, as well as with any other plants, many signs and beliefs are connected, one of them says that the plant protects the house from people who come to the dwelling with negative emotions, envy or hate owners. To minimize similar visits, the cactus needs to be put to the hall or on windowsill.

Very few people know that cacti are considered as power vampires, and all here's the thing: negative energy which cacti willingly absorb at office or the apartment is necessary for plant for the correct growth and development. In some houses the cactus very badly takes root, it very much upsets the hostess, actually there are no reasons for concern, it says only that in the house there is no negative energy, or is, but in how minute quantities that it just is not enough for feed of flower.

Some time ago was considered that the cactus can destroy even the strong family relations therefore it was not recommended to be put in houses of happy and successful families and in those houses where there are girls dreaming to marry. Well all this prejudices, actually, everything depends on as far as people in family appreciate and respect each other, how correctly and competently build up the relationship, protect the soulmate.

Where to have cactus?

Because the cactus possesses powerful power, the hall or kitchen – the great place for arrangement of flower is not recommended to put them in the bedroom or the children's room, here.

How to look after cactus?

As well as any other plant, cactus needs to be watered, is only less abundant, than other houseplants. Cacti love heat and light therefore them it is necessary to have on windowsill or where there is artificial lighting. The time spent of cactus under direct sunshine should not exceed 2-3 hours a day. Cacti of any kind it is necessary to feed up, especially the period from March to September, frequency of fertilizing - time in 2 weeks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team