Whether the cellar in owner-occupied dwelling is necessary

Whether the cellar in owner-occupied dwelling is necessary

Availability of cellar allows to keep products of personal plot at least till the following harvest. This room does not need additional heating or cooling as built according to technology, it is capable to maintain the stable temperature and humidity.

Cellar and the basement – rooms which carry out different tasks. Unites them only the fact that both can be in the lower part of the house, its socle. In the basement it is possible to arrange workshop, warehouse, gym, the pool. The cellar is intended for warehousing and storage of products. For this reason the temperature condition of these rooms is various too.

Why the cellar is necessary?

Most of owners of owner-occupied dwellings grows up various vegetables on the personal plots. Quite difficult long to store some products fresh therefore they are preserved. But also in this case they will need the place for warehousing in which temperature, optimum for storage, humidity is maintained, there is ventilation. Such room is the cellar.

As a rule, owners of private farmsteads seek to grow up such amount of potatoes which would be enough till the following harvest. And it is quite large volumes. In order that this vegetable did not rot, it needs stable air temperature: 2-4os. It can be provided, having built the buried or semi-buried cellar. In the basement it is difficult to support the mode of temperature and humidity demanded for storage of vegetables as during the summer period this room should be cooled, and in winter – to warm. Availability of cellar allows to avoid these expenses as correctly built and equipped with ventilation, it has stable microclimate. Therefore for most of house owners such place of warehousing of products is necessary.

Types of cellars in owner-occupied dwelling

If the level of underground water does not exceed 1.5 m, it is possible to build the buried cellar. This room can be arranged as directly under the house, and near it. But it will be much more convenient for the owner if the entrance to vegetable storehouse is located in one of living rooms. If underground waters are closer than 80 cm from the surface of the soil, build the semi-buried cellar most of which part is above the ground. But it is possible to use also such option: to bury welded metal box which is closed by hermetically adjacent cover. Any cellar needs qualitative waterproofing and smoothly functioning vent system. The volume of the room has to be sufficient to contain everything grown up in garden and on personal plot. Besides vegetables it is possible to store preservatives, products of poultry farming and livestock production in cellar.

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