Whether the door on kitchen is obligatory

Whether the door on kitchen is obligatory

Despite popularity of style of registration of kitchen in which the door assembly is replaced with arch entrance it is worth to remember about rules of safe operation of the room in which there is gas equipment.

In principle, whether to leave available kitchen door or completely from it to get rid, solve to the house owner. Everything in this question depends on his preferences. There are quite a lot persons interested who like suit the arch entrance which has become very popular in present time. Especially such designs successfully look at the entrance to the room which really small.

In kitchen without door there is no esthetics

In the absence of door assembly or partition it is possible to equip the additional area qualitatively. However you should not forget about the unpleasant kitchen smell heard in other rooms.

Even the qualitative extract is not always capable to help full elimination of smells, especially if something burns.

Often irritate not only the smells of burning reaching from kitchen to the living room. Sounds are also capable to prevent all to watch to other members of family the movie, to admire photo or to read the book. It is not necessary to miss from attention and the fact that sometimes in families after nourishing dinner viands are not cleared the table at once, and if in this room there are no doors, the disorder on table will be an eyesore.

The door is simply necessary

Equipping kitchen zone it is impossible to lose sight of the fact that in such room the air humidity is much higher, than in living rooms. When cooking steam and ashes is always emitted, extracts delete them only partially. Because of it that who asks whether it is possible to update this zone, deleting from it doors, experts answer: it is impossible! If among residents to the apartment do not accept distribution on premises of kitchen smells, then it is better to establish besides qualitative model of exhaust design also rather skintight kitchen doors.

The modern plastic, laminated, glass or steel shutters perfectly will be suitable for installation at the entrance to this room.

Getting any model, the owner of the apartment usually is guided only by own preferences. Designers recommend to get the doors which are in harmony with the general stylistics, along with it the entrance design should be selected such which would approach under the area of kitchen and its planning. Hermetic closing becomes especially important here – smells should not extend, because of it the accordion or the book will not suit model, they do not ensure safety.

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