Whether the solar batteries installed on the rooftop pay off

Whether the solar batteries installed on the rooftop pay off

Acquisition of modular solar batteries - business expensive. Therefore before deciding on purchase, it is necessary to calculate economic feasibility of acquisition.

Question of whether it is worth contacting installation of solar batteries, those who are a little familiar with pluses of this way of receiving the electric power usually set. At the same time it is absolutely optional to live in the country which is generously endowed by solar heat and light. Oddly enough, but the leader in consumption of power of the Sun is Germany (5.76 MW in year), on the second place India, then Japan and, at last, the USA.

Real middle payback period of batteries in "not solar" states – from 5 to 10 years. Where the sun shines constantly, return of investments can be reduced to 2.5-3 years. The long-term outlook of investment of money is quite justified not only by the fact of acquisition of the power station, but also confidence in independence of "whims" of electricity providers.

What affects payback

One of the major factors affecting payback – quantity of the solar energy falling on batteries. The more sunny days, the more return from photo cells and the quicker they will pay off. The second moment – type, material of production of batteries in which main element is silicon. Upon purchase study the conditions influencing efficiency (it has to be specified in the passport). The payback is affected also by cost not only batteries, but also all set of the equipment necessary for receiving solar energy. The more expensively you will get it, the longer batteries will pay off. One more factor affecting payback – the actual value of the electric power in this area at the time of mounting of the solar power unit. Good point is that prices of electricity grow much quicker, than the prices of solar batteries. Mobile parts (except for the mechanism of the tracking the sun used in complex systems) do not enter its design therefore in ideal conditions at due leaving the life cycle can reach half a century.

Prospects of decrease in payback periods

Designers constantly work on problem of increase in efficiency of solar batteries and decrease in payback periods. Within the next several years the payback period can already reach one year. The most favorable scope of energy of the Sun – water heating; in this case the need for hot water for life will be closed for 100%, for heating – for 75%. The special sense is gained by installation of solar batteries in situation when the nearest substation is far (kilometers 20-30) and drawing of cable to it will pour out in the considerable sum commensurable with cost of mounting of the solar power unit.

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