Whitewashing of trees in the spring and in the fall

Whitewashing of trees in the spring and in the fall

One of important methods of care for tree is whitewashing. It is recommended to paint trunk in the spring and in the fall. The correct leaving helps to increase productivity.

About whitewashing of trees any gardener or the summer resident does not forget. And why it is so important? Let's understand this question in detail.

Whitewashing is necessary to save trunks of garden trees from various negative impacts. For example, from rapid change of temperature. Sharp change of temperature influences bark, it bursts, the infection gets to cracks, then the tree begins to hurt. Here why whitewashing of the fructifying trees is necessary. Also white color reflects sunshine, so helps to avoid bark overheating.

In the winter at trees burns are also possible therefore whitewashing is so important. Especially it belongs to young trees. It is necessary to care for them from the moment of landing.

How to whitewash tree

For the purpose of protection the whitewashing on trees has to be not less than 2 meters high, at the same time go deep a little into the soil. The earth it is necessary otgrest in advance and when paint dries up, to return on the former place. It is necessary to bleach trees on 4 cm from below to ground level. It is enough to paint branches only those which are located on South side. It is necessary to carry out whitewashing of tree 1 time in half a year.

The choice of solution for whitewashing

The best option for whitewashing water dispersible paint is considered. It is necessary to apply on trunks in the fall at temperature not lower than 3 wasps. This solution is considered air-permeable, it protects from ultra-violet radiation. This option is excellent for protection of trees.

It is easy to make solution independently. Also other substance which belongs to latex is suitable for fastening bustilat. Such means during drying form the thin air-permeable layer which is not dissolved in water.

For white pigments it is possible to use kaolin and chalk. It is possible to receive resistant solution having mixed two parts of means for fastening and one white pigment. At first it is necessary to mix two substances, and then to add water for receiving solution, close on consistence, for coloring.

And, of course, it is possible to apply traditional slaked lime. In that case it is necessary to bleach 2 times for obtaining necessary thickness. It is possible to prepare such solution independently: 3 kg of slaked lime (it is possible chalk), 450 g of copper vitriol, 80 g of casein glue and necessary amount of water for obtaining consistence of dense sour cream are added to the 10th liter capacity. Thanks to vitriol such means will perfectly protect tree from diseases and also wreckers.

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