Why apple-trees, pears, cherries and drainings fructify not every year

Why apple-trees, pears, cherries and drainings fructify not every year

Each gardener has favourite fruit-trees. Someone gives preference to apple-trees, someone to pears. But for appearance the garden and various harvest all gardeners put different types of fruit-trees. And almost all have such problem: apple-trees, pears, cherries and drainings do not fructify every year, and do it with breaks for one season. Why does that happen?

First of all at apple-tree and pear can lead abundant blossoming and formation of ovaries to irregular formation of fruits. It very strongly exhausts trees, slows down their growth and as a result leads to the fact that kidneys for harvest of the next year are not stuffed up or do it in small amount.

Fructification is one more feature of it the wrong selection of grades. There are grades of apple-tree and pear which yield harvest annually. And it first of all is caused by the fact that they do not demand cross-pollination and differ in uniform laying of fruit kidneys, large number of foliage on trees, the most preliminary subsidence of reserve flowers and ovaries.

Frequency of harvests at cherry and plum is very often connected with negative weather conditions during the winter and spring periods. On them fruit kidneys are constantly injured by frosts, especially in the winter after warming when they are most sensitive to the lowered temperatures. The big loss to cherries and plums is put by frosts at the time of blossoming and also cold snap at the end of blossoming which leads to the raised obletaniye of flowers and bad formation of fruits. Freezing lower than-2 degrees make negative impact not only on cherries and drainings, but also apple-trees, and pears.

That your fruit-trees fructified every year observance of number of certain conditions is necessary:

1.      To carry out the correct care for garden throughout all season: regular watering, cutting, removal of the dry and struck branches, fertilizing and so on.

2.      Not to place trees in low places in which cold air for a long time stands.

3.      It is correct to select grades for the garden, including to pay special attention to grades pollinators.

4.      It is correct to distribute loading of trees fruits. This process is characterized by reduction of number of fruit kidneys, reserve flowers and ovaries by their thinning and shortening of branches at scrap. It is possible to normalize loading only at apple-trees and pears.

If to meet these several conditions, your garden will annually please you with good and tasty harvest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team