Why at orchid roots dry

Why at orchid roots dry

The orchid is considered plant rather whimsical – care for it has to be more careful, than behind normal window plants. In case of disease of plant it is possible to reanimate it, having only created the most favorable conditions.

The majority of problems at the maintenance of orchids arise because of the wrong care for them. Orchids require to themselves attention a little bigger, than other house plants. In particular, the correct mode of watering has to be by all means provided to them. One of the most widespread problems with orchids – rotting or drying of roots, the reasons of it can be not always clear to inexperienced owners of plant.

Drying up of roots in pot

If roots dry out in substrate, in the conditions of house contents burns can be the cause of it. Roots at the same time can even turn black or turn yellow. Chemical burns are quite often caused by the water which is incorrectly picked up for watering – for orchids it has to be soft, without impurity. Constant watering by tap water harms plants. With tap water salts which accumulate inside get to substrate, gradually they collect more and more, and at some point the content of salts in substrate becomes so big that they cause chemical burn.

For prevention of further salinization of substrate it is necessary to substitute pot with plant under stream of warm water to wash out it. After washing few months you should not fertilize plant and then it is possible to use fertilizer only in strongly diluted look. Burns of roots can arise also because of high concentration of fertilizers, and sometimes because of incorrectly chosen dosage of growth factors.

Drying up of roots because of lack of moisture

Roots of orchids can dry up due to the lack of moisture, for example, because of rare waterings during heat. Those from roots that are in pot, in such the conditions nevertheless receive a little moisture are the condensate which is formed from temperature difference at night and in the afternoon. And here the roots which are outside suffer more. In due time taken measures can return plant to life, but process this long. The roots damaged not really strongly in several weeks, and sometimes and months change old thin skin and continue growth. If at orchid the roots have sustained strong damage at drying up, it is necessary to carry out the recovering procedures. Roots follows it is abundant to water – so it is possible to reveal what of them are alive at least partially then all dead roots delete, and places of cuts process brilliant green. At correctly adjusted watering and air humidity indoors such problems – rarity. The dried-up and cut off roots of orchids have property to grow. From the shortened root can grow new, rather healthy and strong – it is simpler, than full building of root system.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team