Why at raspberry leaves are twisted

Why at raspberry leaves are twisted

Twisting of leaves of raspberry in garden - the phenomenon frequent. The fact is that similar deformation of leaves of culture can occur for many reasons, for example, at the shortage of minerals, defeat by fungal or viral diseases. Even the wrong watering can become the reason of mass twisting of foliage.

If on bushes of raspberry leaves have begun to be twisted massively, and on leaves there are no damages, and on their reverse side there are no insects, in this case, most likely, culture just lacks minerals and nutrients. To fight in this case about kucheryavost of foliage it is simple, rather simple to begin to feed up plants. As fertilizing it is possible to use both organic, and industrial medicines. From organic chemistry infusions of mullein and chicken dung, and from industrial - ammonium sulfate, urea, ammonium nitrate well approach. For achievement of visible result it is better to alternate fertilizing, for example, for the first time to bring organic chemistry, and in the second, 10-14 days later, - special mineral fertilizer.

If leaves of raspberry have begun to be twisted by single copies, and on leaves grayish spots are seen, then in this case culture has undergone fungal disease under the name anthracnose. If in time to take measures, then to save plants quite perhaps as the disease at the initial stages is perfectly treated. Processing it is possible carries out by the following medicines:

  • copper vitriol,
  • Kuproskat,
  • Oksikhomom,

It will be twisted leaves of raspberry can because of such wrecker as plant louse. The plant louse likes to postpone larvae for inside of leaves, larvae, absorbing juice of leaves, and provoke twisting of leaves. To check, it is struck or the culture of plant louses, rather simply, it is necessary to look at inside of the twisted leaves only: if on them insects are seen, then it is urgently necessary to take measures for their destruction. It is natural if raspberry already fructifies, then you should not use industrial medicines, it will damage to harvest. It is the best of all to resort to national methods, for example, well has proved infusion of orange and lemon peel. It is necessary to fill in about 200-300 g of peel with water liter, to bring to boiling, to boil thoroughly 15-20 minutes then to allow to infuse day in the warm place. It is possible to spray with the filtered infusion all plants in garden struck with plant louse.

Insufficient watering can also provoke twisting of foliage. The fact is that at lack of moisture the plants lack minerals therefore it is very important not to allow to dry up completely to soil around raspberry. It will help not only to avoid twisting of foliage, but also will favorably affect productivity of culture.

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