Why at raspberry leaves redden

Why at raspberry leaves redden

The condition of cultures in kitchen garden is very important for many gardeners: both stalks, and leaves, and roots - all has to be in perfect tune, it is possible to receive enough harvest and healthy posterity only from healthy plants. Raspberry - garden culture which is grown up by many and all because she does not demand special care, usually rare fertilizing and timely trimming of stalks happens enough that plants awarded every year with tasty and sweet berries.

Though raspberry and undemanding berry also quite seldom is ill, however in certain cases illnesses do not avoid also this culture: the reddening leaves - just one of them. Reddening of leaves can happen in three cases, each of them is sorted in more detail below:

  • Lack of phosphorus. In most cases raspberries begin to redden leaves because of absence in the soil of phosphorus. This element participates in growth of escapes, leaves and kidneys, without it there do not take place many processes in culture. The main sign that culture lacks phosphorus is reddening of the top leaves which in the subsequent get dark lilac shade.
  • Fungal diseases. Quite often leaves of raspberry and as a result of activity of fungi redden. Fungi can lodge both in the soil, and on stalks, leaves of plants. For example, raspberry is often attacked by anthracnose, at the initial stages of disease the leaves get reddish shade, and then at all blacken. To state disease, it is necessary to examine attentively plants, and not excepting radical zone and to visually reveal availability of the activator. If on bushes there are defects like cracks on stalks, various spots on leaves, then it is possible not to doubt that culture was struck by fungus.
  • Most often wreckers lodges on raspberry stalks because of what small stalks are a little blown up, leaves redden. To reveal parasites it is also not problematic, rather attentively to examine culture.

Have dealt with the reasons of reddening of foliage, now it is necessary to find out what to do otherwise.

If reddening of leaves of raspberry has arisen because of the attack by wreckers, then in this case it is the best of all to resort to the help of biological medicines. For example, it is possible to use Fitoverm or Akarin as these means well cope with the majority of insects wreckers. Plus biologically active medicines is that they do not contain toxins (and if contain, then the minimum quantity), and they act for two-three weeks after processing.

If leaves of raspberry redden because of fungus, then only processings of plants antifungal medicines not to manage here, here it will be required observance of package of measures: it is important to delete all struck leaves and branches in time, to try not to flood the soil around plants, to feed up occasionally culture. As for processing, for example, it is possible to use Zircon and to spray raspberry at the time of detection of fungus, then later few months to repeat processing. Usually it is enough that the bush was completely restored.

If culture lacks phosphorus then exit only one - to feed up plants complex fertilizer with the increased content of this mineral.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team