Why at seedling of pepper fall down the lower leaves

Why at seedling of pepper fall down the lower leaves

If at seedling of pepper have begun to fall down the lower leaves, then first of all it is necessary to review care for culture, to make sure that saplings were not attacked by wreckers. As the root system of pepper is very sensitive to various influences, it is necessary to pay special attention to watering, loosening of soil and temperature condition, to adjust these components according to requirements for care for culture.

Can turn yellow and fall down the lower leaves of pepper for many reasons, and quite not easy define what has led to similar processes. Only having completely reviewed the care for culture, it is possible to understand what has affected saplings. First of all it is necessary to remember what actions were carried out in the last ten days.

The wrong watering is the most frequent reason because of what pepper dump foliage. If seedling is grown up in special tanks with pallets for drain of excess moisture, then in this case it is simple to control soil moisture what you will not tell about situations when plants are grown up in peat pots. Stagnation of water negatively affects pepper, they begin to be ill, perish. Therefore it is very important to water culture correctly, ideally - time in 4-5 days.

Fertilizing is also important. From the moment of landing before planting of the grown-up seedling to the constant place of plant it is necessary to feed up 2-3 times. The first time - one week prior to sword-play, the second time - in two weeks after the sword-play, and the third - one week prior to disembarkation in soil. Therefore if at some moment you have noticed that the lower leaves of pepper turn yellow and fall down, remember when you introduced fertilizers last time. Do not forget, the shortage of nitrogen, calcium, potassium and iron just leads to dying off of the lower leaves of culture.

If watering and fertilizing were made in time, but at the same time seedling obviously looks unhealthy, then in this case, most likely, problem with roots of saplings. It is no secret that backs of pepper very gentle, they badly transfer change, sharply react to temperature variation, even insignificant damages during loosening of soil can lead to death of saplings. What can be made in this case? To think of seedling more much, to loosen the soil after watering more accurately, not to allow temperature drops more, than by five degrees. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team