Why at spathiphyllum edges of leaves turn yellow

Why at spathiphyllum edges of leaves turn yellow

Spathiphyllum – the popular houseplant drawing attention with unusual type of peduncles. Its homeland – tropics therefore for normal development it is necessary to provide it the corresponding conditions, otherwise plant can ache and even to die.

Why leaves at spathiphyllum turn yellow

Quite often owners are disturbed by the small yellowish-brown spots appearing on tips of leaves of spathiphyllum, further they extend to all leaf which then dries up and dies off. The reasons of this phenomenon can be a little: besides some diseases, yellowing of leaves can be caused by the introduction of plant during preparation for blossoming when all nutrients leave leaves and roots on development of peduncles, or the period after blossoming when the plant is exhausted and needs restoration.

One more reason – goes process of dying off of old leaves instead of which the plant throws out young escapes; it is possible that it is caused by close pot and the plant needs change. The wrong watering or overdrying of earth lump can become the discomfort reason for plant too. Besides, yellowing of tips of leaves can indicate the need of plant for fertilizing by phosphorus and nitrogen.

How to help spathiphyllum

For a start it is necessary to analyze the reason of yellowing of leaves. If the spathiphyllum grows in one capacity long time, it is necessary to try to replace it in other pot. At the same time it is necessary to examine root system attentively: healthy roots have to be cream-white if dark brown, rotten backs were found – it is necessary to cut off them, to process root system in strong solution of potassium permanganate, and to powder cuts wood ashes. For change it is necessary to use special soil for window plants which should be frozen or fried thoroughly previously to get rid of possible wreckers or diseases. On bottom of pot it is necessary to fill coarse gravel layer of 1.5-2 cm for drainage. If the reason of yellowing of leaves was in close pot, new capacity has to be 3-4 cm more previous, and the plant needs to be separated. At change it is necessary to remove yellow dry leaves and for prevention of development of fungal diseases to spray spathiphyllum with soap and cindery solution. In the future it is necessary to consider the needs of plant for spraying by water and fertilizing: during vegetation when watering it is necessary regularly once a month to introduce complex flower fertilizer (during blossoming the fertilizing needs to be given to thicket) and to moisten air around spathiphyllum by means of spray. It is also necessary to watch that on plant direct sunshine did not get – they cause burns of leaves. At the correct leaving the spathiphyllum will thank owners magnificent and long blossoming, having released set of the original peduncles wrapped in unusual snow-white cover.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team