Why at yucca leaves fade and dry

Why at yucca leaves fade and dry

House yucca - not that other as decorative type of agave, evergreen tropical plant which has been selected for cultivation in pots. These palm trees capable to reach 3-4 meters in height were fallen in love to flower growers, and therefore they can often be met in houses, offices.

Jukka – room ornamental plant, with beautiful bright evergreen leaves, reminds small palm tree. The tree slowly grows, but during the vegetative period reaches 4 meters in height, for this reason it is necessary to think of space for flower and suitable leaving in advance.

Care for yucca

Cultivation of houseplants – business laborious, not seldom on leaves appears plant louse or they can turn yellow, fade, fall down, the yucca not exception – it is also subject to diseases and violations of vegetation.

Even the unpretentious plant demands the level of humidity, necessary for it, temperature, lighting and also watering – all this affects exterior of leaves and condition of plant in general.

If on your plant leaves (as a rule, the first the lower level suffer) have turned yellow, remember elementary rules of care for yucca. So, bright light, but such which will not fall direct sunshine is necessary for house agave. The yucca and high humidity loves, its pot can be put in pallet with water, but provided that the base layer of the main pot has good drainage. Use of such design together with daily spraying is especially relevant in the summer.

Diseases and natural organic processes

The yucca is very sensitive, its leaves can begin to dry because of simple change of location and change of conditions, it is always stress for plant. Badly the agave and change during which the developed root system is almost always traumatized transfers. Perhaps, after a while the plant will independently cope with damage and will begin to develop further, having stopped dumping leaves, but experts advise nevertheless to use fertilizing during adaptation. The wrong watering will also lead to the fact that leaves will begin to dry. The root system at yucca weak, when overwetting the soil plant will begin to start to rot, badly affect state can and having watered with cold water. For yucca it is important to support also standard temperature conditions, at sharp temperature drops of air the leaves are tightened up and turn yellow on tips - it is the first sign that it is necessary to relocate tree. In the summer comfortable temperature for yucca no more than 25 wasps, and in the winter not less than 10 wasps. It is necessary to reduce temperature gradually, since the fall if by winter not to lower temperature to necessary, leaves will begin to become thinner, dry and over time can fall down completely.

It is necessary not to forget about the correct watering: in the summer it has to be more frequent, and here in the winter you should not be zealous especially, rather weekly irrigation – differently the plant will decay.

Also defeat of plant louses or gray mold can be the cause of damage of leaves. As a rule midge and decay it is well visible in radical zone and at the basis of the struck leaf. For fight against diseases it is necessary to use household insecticides. You should not forget that subsidence of leaves is the also natural process for plant characteristic of stage of its intensive growth, subsidence of small amount of leaves in that case should not be the reason for fears.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team