Why blackcurrant should be planted obliquely

Why blackcurrant should be planted obliquely

Blackcurrant as any other garden culture, has the term of life. It yields the first harvest in several years after landing. Then throughout 5-6 years the productivity increases and some more years keep. Then the plant ""retires"", and the harvest sharply falls. Before the gardener there is question whether to continue to look after outdated bushes or to plant young plant.

It is required to you

  • - young bush of blackcurrant
  • - shovel
  • - watering can with water
  • - secateurs
  • - fertilizer, for example, nitrophoska


1. Let's prepare landing hole. Shovel we dig out pole height and about 40 cm wide. Then we cover hole on 3/4 good prime with earth, having mixed it with fertilizers. We do not use fresh manure.

2. The bush of currant has to be healthy, with the good developed roots, to have 2-3 main branchings (branches). Before landing it is quite good to cut slightly roots to stimulate further good development of young roots. We take sapling for root neck, accurately we place in landing hole with inclination of 45 lakes. We straighten roots, we fill up with the soil. At the same time the sapling of currant should be shaken slightly here and there that the earth has evenly filled all emptiness between roots. Emptiness between roots should not be. It will badly affect further survival. It is necessary to plant bush on the 5-7th below, than it grew, having buried root neck to the soil. Such landing will create the best conditions for additional development of roots and emergence of escapes of renewal from the sleeping underground kidneys, that part which was buried, namely, from part of stalk and root neck. Unlike other cultures, currant is not afraid of deep landing.

3. Having planted plant, it is necessary to make pole around bush and to water, without washing away the soil around. On bush not less than 4-5 waters are necessary. That the soil has not become covered by the dried-up crust, the earth around plant, it is necessary to zamulchirovat (to powder) with humus or peat, or the soil. Branches at the top of bush should be truncated secateurs that further the bush has given good branch, having left no more than 3-4 kidneys on each branch.

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