Why carrots horned and clumsy

Why carrots horned and clumsy

Upon purchase of seeds of carrots on packings large, smooth and equal carrots often flaunt. However in fact many gardeners face that root crops grow clumsy and horned. Of course, such fancy vegetables very much are pleasant to children, however the adult not delighted with them as knows that similar carrots are badly cleaned and stored.

The reasons why carrots fork or become clumsy, can be a little. The most widespread:

- crops of seeds happened on very heavy earth: clay, stony and sour - the similar soil though is enriched with various batteries, however because of the density and feature it is bad to pass air it is unsuitable for cultivation of carrots;

- introduction before crops of not rerotting humus or fresh manure;

- entering into the soil of ashes, lime or chloride potassium;

- wrong care for crops;

- damage of roots at early stage of development of carrots.

Damage can happen for several reasons, for example, because of drying of the soil in the first month after landing, inaccurate thinning and weeding during which backs have been touched and also at orudovaniye of carrot fly or medvedka.

How to grow up smooth and equal carrot

If you wish to grow up equal carrots, then you before landing of seeds need to prepare the earth carefully. Since fall dig through beds on depth not less than 20 centimeters and try to remove as much as possible backs of weeds (it will prevent consolidation of top layer). In the spring again make redigging during which bring sand in the soil (its quantity depends on soil density) and compost.

After preparation of the earth start crops of seeds. Choose that method when which using the thinning is not required further. Organize the correct watering: water plants in the first two months of summer when growth of carrots is most active. In August reduce watering, you watch only that the soil did not dry up. If thinning nevertheless is necessary, then do it carefully, trying to damage leaves and backs as little as possible. Harvest in due time (terms of cleaning depends on grade of carrots and temperature condition).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team