Why cucumbers turn yellow

Why cucumbers turn yellow

In spite of the fact that cucumbers - quite unpretentious vegetables, there is always probability of emergence of number of the annoying problems connected with cultivation of hothouse and soil plants. To understand why cucumbers turn yellow, leaves dry and ovaries are showered, it is necessary to consider in detail features of agrotechnology of this vegetable culture.

Receiving abundant harvest of cucumbers can guarantee only competently built combination of important factors: well paved way, enough light and moisture, use of qualitative seeds, the correct fertilizing of plants. But even at observance of all these conditions the gardeners often face that seedling of cucumbers turns yellow, only the tied fruits fade, foliage dries up or becomes covered by spots.

Why cucumber seedling turns yellow

As a rule, seeds of cucumbers are couched or in the separate tanks established on windowsills or at once in the greenhouse, having landed them on the constant place of further growth. If seedling which is grown up in room conditions turns yellow, then the following factors can be the reason for that:

  • excessive fertilizing by mineral fertilizers, or – on the contrary, the shortage of number of microelements: manganese, nitrogen, zinc. It is important to remember that in the first weeks after germination, cucumbers do not consume large amount of nutrients therefore there is probability of developing of "nitric poisoning";
  • the insufficient amount of moisture and sunlight also cause change of pigmentation of leaves, promotes pulling of stalks and weakening of plants;
  • if seedling is in the room where it is impossible to provide stability of temperature condition within 17-20 degrees of heat, then it leads to the fact that leaves of cucumbers turn yellow, become sluggish and plants perish;
  • by experienced gardeners it has been noticed that use of the foam tanks or supports under pots can also be the reason that at cucumbers leaves turn yellow. To avoid impact of chemical compounds on roots of plants, it is enough to cover polyfoam with layer of food wrap.

Why cucumbers in the greenhouse turn yellow

For the solution of problems with health of hothouse plants, it is necessary to pay attention to technology of watering first of all: leaves of cucumbers can turn yellow both at acute shortage of moisture, and at extreme dryness of the soil. Besides, this vegetable culture does not transfer watering by cold water to hot day and extremely negatively reacts to direct hit of water droplets on ovaries of fruits and foliage.

Change of pigmentation of leaves of the grown-up plants can signal about the shortage of nutrients:

  • if at the edges of leaves the yellow-brown border, so in the soil not enough potassium has appeared;
  • the pale, thinned or deformed leaves speak about deficiency of nitrogen. Carrying out fertilizing by such fertilizer, it is important to remember exact observance of dose that in vegetables the excess amount of nitrates did not collect;
  • emergence of the "marble" drawing in the form of the dark and light stains scattered on leaf surface – sign of shortage of magnesium.

Also you should not lose sight that sometimes cucumbers turn yellow because of the shortage of fresh air at rare airing of the greenhouse; defeats of root system by various garden wreckers or diseases; sharp differences of daytime and night time temperature or availability of drafts.

Why cucumbers in the open ground turn yellow

Soil plants turn yellow usually for the same reasons, as hothouse: having watered with too cold water, hit of drops on leaves and flowers and also shortcoming or excess of moisture; deficiency of nutrients; frosts at night.

But except the listed reasons can be some more additional factors explaining why at cucumbers leaves and fruits turn yellow.

If seedling has been planted on the site where last year such melon cultures as watermelons, melons, pumpkins grew, then in the soil there could be microorganisms or insects parasites eating juice of plants.

Yellowing of cucumber ovaries can be connected with the wrong forming of bush: sometimes gardeners forget or just do not know that plants need prishchipyvaniye in process of their growth and removal in bosoms of the lower leaves of side escapes, "short moustaches" and ovaries. These simple measures promote good airing of root system and do not allow cucumbers to expand and shade each other strongly. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team