Why deflectors on windows are necessary

Why deflectors on windows are necessary

The meaning of the term "deflector" is familiar not to all though this rather useful invention in many respects facilitating life to motorists. Some machines staff with them at the plant, it is necessary to bring "air assistants" to others independently.

Before understanding functional characteristics of deflectors, it is necessary to understand value of the term accurately. The national name of this auto accessory – "ветровик". Its main function – withdrawal of air streams in the necessary direction in order that they executed any given functions.

Window deflectors

Vetrovika, established on car windows, serve not only to comfort of the people who have settled down in it, but also considerably ensure safety. At the expense of deflectors of windows the continuous dosed inflow of fresh wind to salon is carried out that interferes with emergence of the drowsiness caused by closeness. Also air circulation interferes with fogging of glasses from within.

Except ventilation, during the movement the deflectors protect the car from hit in salon of dust, the drops of rain which are flying by objects (for example, stubs from the machines going ahead) and insects. Optimizing and redistributing air streams, "vetrovik" allow to move comfortably at great speed even with completely open windows and to minimize drafts.

Other types of deflectors

Scope of wind auto accessory directly depends on its arrangement. The deflector of cowl directs air flows so that to protect paint from the scratches and chips appearing by unequipped machines of "vetrovikama" because of blows of small stones to the body. At the same time the cowl during the movement is almost isolated from dirt and the bugs breaking against paint. Deflectors of headlights (in the people – just "points") perform the same function, but already for lighters. With the hatch often install special deflectors in machines, on functions similar with window (ventilation, control of drafts, noise attenuation). Besides, variety of color schemes does this auto accessory also decorative part. By means of effective "vetrovik" it is possible to emphasize grace of lines, to focus attention on certain parts and to give to the machine identity. At the same time, pursuing effective design, it is not necessary to buy the first beautiful deflectors: they have to be completely agreed with car design. When choosing it is important to remember that cheap options are less strong, and loading they should maintain rather big. It is better to give preference to the products of the checked famous brands which have passed all necessary tests.

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