Why fall down leaves at rose room

Why fall down leaves at rose room

Cultivation of room rose – very pleasant, but quite troublesome occupation as this beauty is very exacting to conditions of keeping and easily is surprised wreckers.

The reasons that on room rose fall down leaves can be much: beginning from the wrong maintenance of plant before damage by his wreckers. In each case it is necessary to look for the reason individually, paying attention and to other signs.

Wrong contents and bad power supply

Rose – thermophilic plant therefore for comfortable contents it is necessary to provide it the continuous temperature of air within 18-22 wasps, without sharp differences and drafts. In too warm and dry air the plant dumps leaves. Same occurs if on rose the scorching beams of the bright summer sun get. Lighting is necessary good, but not direct sunlight.

Roses can fall down and turn yellow leaves and at the wrong watering. It is impossible to use the chlorinated or too cold water. It is the best of all to water filtered or otstoyanny, and better with rain water. Also the rose does not take out drying and overwetting of earth lump. The earth in pot has to be moderately damp, but stagnation of water should be avoided. It is necessary that the pot in which the rose grows had drainage holes. It is the best of all to put it in capacity with damp drainage – in this case moisture will gradually rise to roots, without causing their overwetting. Abundant blossoming of rose in the absence of the correct fertilizing can also become the reason of yellowing and falling off of foliage. The plant spends many forces for blossoming therefore it needs good power supply. For this purpose 1-2 times a month are necessary systematically to fertilize rose complex phosphorus-potassium fertilizer for window plants and to spray it with warm solution of the medicine "Epin" for maintenance of immunity.

Wreckers and diseases of room rose

In other cases wreckers can be the cause of this phenomenon: plant louse, web tick for whom conditions of cultivation of window plants are ideal. To get rid of them, it is necessary to wash out rose leaves in solution of laundry soap or to use special insecticides. Earthworms who damage plant roots can sometimes appear the reason of bad condition of flower. In this case the pot with rose needs to be put in the container with hot water (55-60 wasps) and to sustain within 50-60 minutes. Worms will come to surface where they can be collected. Chloroz - disease of plants which is caused by the increased alkaline reaction of the soil. It leads to emergence of spots on leaves and to their falling off too. For treatment the special fertilizers improving composition of the ground are used. It is the best of all to replace in that case rose to other soil with neutral or subacidic reaction. Periodically room rose needs rejuvenation even if externally it looks normally. For this purpose it is necessary to cut off in the spring branches on 1/3 part of their length. It will strengthen branching and will stimulate development of new buds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team