Why grounding is necessary

Why grounding is necessary

Good grounding has to have resistance of spreading, acceptable for specific object, which remains stable for a long time. For this reason it should pay special attention.

Bad grounding can do harm to human health. Now every day people use TVs, microwave oven furnaces, fridges, etc. In practice it is possible to see that under our conditions harmful background quite big. The actual lack of grounding in the house is the reason for that. Any technical device demands connection to grounding. It is capable to reduce background from household appliances almost by 10 times.

In Europe power and other wiring is placed in the metal, grounded trays and boxes. It promotes decrease in EM of radiations. The ungrounded screen the device can give negative effect. The danger also consists in possible defeat by electric current. Not in all cases of OUZO can save. This technically difficult device can fail at the most inappropriate moment. It is possible to secure itself. For this purpose it is necessary to execute alignment of potentials and to ground all not current carrying, but conducting objects.

The lack of grounding can lead to damage of the expensive equipment. The guarantee workshop which intends to remove from itself the warranty can draw the conclusion that grounding has not been connected. In this situation in free repair you are refused. Practically all operating manuals contain certain requirements to grounding. Consider, the conductor, ungrounded on entrance to the building, can become accidental phase. Between two phases there will be tension 380B. In this case your expensive equipment can be put at essential risk. It should be noted that the equipment can quickly fail because of the accumulating static charges which have no opportunity to flow down. This problem generally concerns the computer equipment which has big sensitivity to statics.

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