Why landscaping is necessary

The concept of landscaping has appeared in the 20th century though art of the organization of surrounding space by means of green plantings and decorative elements is much more ancient. The main objective of the designers working with landscapes is creation on the site of beautiful and comfortable space for life in which architectural and natural forms supplement each other.

For creation of beautiful and comfortable space it is not enough to place in it set of the objects serving for convenience or satisfaction of esthetic requirements. It is necessary to unite stylistically and compositionally these objects, considering their features. Experts in the field of landscaping are engaged in the organization of space at which there are architectural and natural components.

When developing design of the territory adjacent to residential building, are considered, besides architectural and functional features of the building, land relief, characteristics of the soil and climate on the basis of what the design project is created. The planning taking similar nuances into account allows to pick up combinations of plants which will comfortably feel in the conditions of the equipped site that will give the chance to receive attractively looking landscape being natural continuation of the building.

When developing landscaping the location of rooms in the building and functional zones in the adjacent territory is considered. So, competently made project will allow to receive the beautiful landscape seen from windows of the living room or bedroom and, if necessary, to hide farm buildings from look. Accounting in the project of functional zones of the territory, more precisely than activity zones, will give the chance to develop the convenient and economic scheme of lighting of the site. Preliminary development of design of the territory will allow to plan complex of technical works in advance: lighting wiring, device of drainage, systems of watering, placement of small architectural forms. As the practice, similar works which are carried out without certain plan shows, can cause the additional expenses connected with need of reduction in original form of the damaged sites of landscape.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team