Why lilies of the valley do not blossom

Why lilies of the valley do not blossom

Gardeners often land on lawns, in shadow of trees, curtains of lilies of the valley to enjoy their surprisingly graceful and gentle spring blossoming. But quite often these plants do not hurry to throw out the tiny hand bells, often blossoming is late or it does not happen absolutely.

Features of lily of the valley

There is set of decorative large-flowered grades of lily of the valley which differ in form of buds, color of leaves, availability of vertical strips on plant. Irrespective of grade, miracle properties are attributed to all lilies of the valley: it is considered that this plant drives away from the house of bad people therefore many seek to have it in the garden.

Despite the innocent and gentle look, this plant it is very poisonous – in medicine do extracts which apply to treatment of heart troubles of it therefore in garden it is necessary to handle lilies of the valley very accurately, not to tear barehanded, and for work with them to put on rubber gloves. And the broken plants stand on the hind legs too: it is impossible to put lily of the valley in one vase with other flowers, they from such neighbourhood perish. As exception serves only the forget-me-not to which the lily of the valley does not do harm.

After blossoming of lily of the valley on branches there are red berries which as well as all other parts of plant, are poisonous therefore it is necessary to be very careful and not to allow children to take them in mouth, it is very dangerous!

Care for plants

If the flower grower by all means wants to see these flowers on the site, it is necessary to pave the way in advance: the lily of the valley prefers the forest, loamy soil which is moderately fertilized, subacidic, the site has to be with easy shadowing. Important condition – the increased humidity. That lilies of the valley well developed and is abundant blossomed, it is regularly necessary to water bed, including with phosphoric and potash fertilizers. However even at good leaving the lilies of the valley begin to blossom only on the third year of life – is so put by the nature. Flower kidneys differ from sheet in the bigger thickness and less sharp top. The lily of the valley creeping rhizomes breeds about what it is also necessary to remember and limit its distribution, otherwise this lovely aggressor will force out other cultural plants. In landings of lilies of the valley usually there are no weeds, too aggressively they behave in relation to neighbors. To avoid thickening of landings, it is regularly necessary to thin out and limit them distribution of plants, otherwise blossoming will stop or its decorative effect will decrease. When landing rhizome of lily of the valley it is necessary to close up to the soil on depth of 1.5-3 cm, without infilling to prevent infections with gray decay. After landing and rooting (in month) lilies of the valley it is necessary to feed up organic fertilizers (solution of mullein 1:10 with addition of 100 g of wood ashes). Mineral fertilizers it is possible to feed up landings only for the next year. At good and correct leaving the gentle hand bells of lilies of the valley will please for many years visitors of garden and its owners.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team