Why onions on bed turn yellow

Why onions on bed turn yellow

Onions are one of those cultures which each gardener puts at himself on the site. The fact is that without this vegetable it is impossible to prepare many dishes, and viands made from actually grown up vegetables turn out more tasty, aromas and useful. It is simple to grow up impressive harvest of onions, it is only required to follow some rules of leaving that various diseases and wreckers have avoided landings.

Happens so that despite timely weedings, fertilizing, watering and other feathers of onions begins to turn yellow. Here, naturally, there can be question why feathers turn yellow and what to do otherwise. It is necessary note, turn yellow at once feathers of onions can not only because of diseases and wreckers, but also because of the wrong leaving, and at the end of summer the yellowing and drowning of feathers are in general the natural course of events that speaks about maturity of vegetables. And here at the beginning middle of summer of yellowing of onions is not norm not to lose harvest, it is necessary to establish the reasons of the events and to eliminate them. So, feathers of onions can turn yellow because of:

  • attacks of wreckers;
  • fungal diseases;
  • adverse weather conditions;
  • lack of nutrients.

Most often yellowing of feathers of onions happens because of damage of vegetables by wreckers. Especially often on culture it is possible to see onions fly, onions skrytnokhobotnik, onions nematode and onions moth. It is simple to reveal insects, it is enough to take from soil onions with damaged by feathers and to attentively examine both elevated, and underground its parts. If on vegetables there are small light worms, then culture was struck by wreckers. It is necessary to fight against each species of insects by the methods therefore before beginning fight, it is necessary to make sure of correctness of definition of the wrecker.

Quite often culture is exposed to fungal diseases, most often it occurs when the wrong watering is established. In general, onions - drought-resistant plant, excessive humidity do not love therefore it is necessary to water it only in the period of drought, and only in the first month after landing. And watering is required to be made correctly - exclusively at the roots plants.

Adverse weather conditions can also affect condition of onions. In rainy cool weather the backs of plants can decay that, naturally, will affect elevated part. In this case timely scarification, creation of deeper furrows around beds will be the main decision.

The shortage of nutrients can become the reason of yellowing of feathers of onions too. In most cases change of color of elevated part happens because of the shortage of nitrogen, here the right decision will be to feed up culture nitrogen-containing fertilizer. It is possible to prepare it and independently from weeds. It is enough to fill in bucket of weeds with water in number of 10 l and to insist several days at temperature of 20-25 degrees.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team