Why radiator cold

Why radiator cold

Cold radiators are the real torture for all living in the apartment. Low temperature of the room can lead to catarrhal diseases. Therefore it is necessary to know the reason of cold batteries as soon as possible to correct this problem.


1. Temperature of radiators depends on availability of the heat carrier as which water most often acts. At its absence the batteries will be cold, that is they will cease to warm the room if the plumber lowers water from heating system for carrying out any repair.

2. Batteries can be cold because of air locks. Most often inhabitants of upper floors of the house as air on heating services seeks to get upward face it. It is possible to get rid of air locks by means of the crane of the Mayevsky or spuskny crane which are on each battery.

3. During filling and start of heating system the plumber bypasses all batteries which are available in the house to check temperature of their heating. During this process called molding of system, cranes for production of excess air open. For this purpose in them the cap is turned off then the valve which it will be necessary to press opens. But before it do not forget to put basin or bucket under the crane. As a rule, not less than five liters of water merge then the crane carefully twists.

4. Incorrectly picked up scheme of their connection can become the reason of cold radiators. It is the best of all to stop the choice on diagonal way, than side and lower. If giving of the heat carrier is carried out from below, then the top of batteries quite often remains cold. For correction of situation it is possible to change the scheme of connection or to add the extender of channel of liquid.

5. Cold batteries in the apartment can turn out to be consequence of bad circulation of water in them. Most often it happens because of formation of blockages and oskalina in the pipeline. All this interferes with channel of hot water. In this case washing of pipes under pressure or their replacement will be required.

6. Sometimes cold batteries speak about the wrong mounting of radiators on upper floors of the house. If inhabitants from above have installed the modern battery equipped with temperature regulator, but at the same time have forgotten about the device of looping pipe, then without heat there will be all strut. It is possible to correct situation if to agree with the top neighbors about mounting of this pipe.

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