Why seedling of eggplants falls

Why seedling of eggplants falls

Seedling of eggplants is one of the most gentle seedlings and it demands especially careful leaving. If saplings of tomatoes or cucumbers not bad feel at the average illumination and humidity, easily transfer dense zaseyannost, then eggplants under such circumstances can just die.

If you have noticed that some part of seedling of eggplants has lain down, then first of all you need to analyze care for plants: watering frequency, lighting, temperature condition. Do not exclude from attention and the quality of soil taken for cultivation of this seedling. The fact is that most often wrong leaving leads to what seedlings begin vyat and to lay down on the earth. Basic reasons of the events:

- Wrong watering. Try not to water seedling more often than once in five days, use exclusively filtered water of room temperature.

- Shortage or surplus of light. Try to create the most favorable lighting for seedling, protect gentle plants from direct sunshine.

- Temperature drops. One of the most adverse factors affecting health of seedlings of eggplants are sharp temperature drops. Try to protect saplings from drafts, especially if you grow up seedling on windowsill.

- Diseases. Most often seedling of eggplants is attacked by such disease as ""black leg"". To make sure that your plants were beaten down because of it, attentively examine saplings, especially small stalks are closer to back. If you notice darkenings with small small knots banners in the middle, then it ""black leg"". This disease is caused by fungus and in this case, most often, seedlings will not manage to be saved. However if you after all want to try to make it, then use for spraying medicines like Fitosporin or strew after each watering seedling of eggplants with dry ashes or powder of egg shell.

- Root decay. Most often backs begin to start to rot because of excessive watering or dense zaseyannost of plants. Exclude these factors and the similar illness will not concern your seedling.

If you wish to grow up healthy seedling of eggplants, then strictly follow all rules on its cultivation. Choose the checked soil for seedlings if you are not sure of soil, then surely before landing of plants disinfect it by promorozka and the subsequent tempering.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team