Why seedling of pepper turns yellow

Why seedling of pepper turns yellow

Yellowing of seedling of pepper absolutely frequent phenomenon. In certain cases, in particular when only the lower leaves turn yellow, you should not sound the alarm. If also the top leaflets, escape turn yellow, then in order to avoid death of plants it is urgently necessary to take measures, and for this purpose at first to find out the events reasons.

Cultivation of seedling is not such simple process as can seem at first sight. If not to look after saplings properly and not to create necessary conditions for seedlings of a specific type, then they can die for few days. The first signs of death of plants - yellowing of their leaves. Yellowing of foliage can cause stress which in turn plants get as a result of the wrong selection of the soil, the shortage of any nutrients, lack of due leaving.

If you have noticed that at seedling of pepper the lower leaflets have begun to turn yellow, and yellowing gradually rises to the top leaves, then in this case, most likely, the reason for this phenomenon - lack of nitrogen of the soil. Surely feed up seedlings nitrogen-containing medicine (ammonium nitrate or urea) and also complex fertilizer which part the following elements are: potassium, magnesium, phosphorus (if only the lower leaves turn yellow), iron, pine forest, zinc (if also the top leaflets turn yellow). To understand that seedling lacks nitrogen, simply, the first sign - foliage pobledneniye at due lighting. As soon as you notice similar change, do not wait for more serious consequences, and urgently feed up seedlings. For this purpose in five liters of water of room temperature part teaspoon of ammonium nitrate, stir and water plants, without filling in them at all. As the solution prepared according to this recipe very weak, it it is possible to use as extra root fertilizing, that is to spray pepper from spray.

Also yellowing of foliage can happen as a result during change seedling backs have not been straightened that has negatively affected condition of seedlings. In this case accurate extraction of plants from pots and disentangling of their backs will help. It is necessary to do it for the third or fourth day after watering, and after change the seedlings need to be watered with soft water of room temperature surely. Quite often yellowing of leaves of pepper causes damage of backs by various wreckers. Examine the earth, slightly to its prorykhlita if have noticed any insects, then you do not hesitate and replace the soil with not infected.

You remember if seedling has height more than 10-15 cm and exclusively lower leaflets turn yellow, then in this case you should not sound the alarm as it is normal process and it is connected with growing of plants. Seedling of pepper loves light, however does not take out stay under direct beams of the sun therefore try to create it such conditions that seedlings received exclusively diffused light. Do not forget to air daily the room, fresh air positively affects the general condition of seedling and helps to overcome more quickly and various diseases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team